Lady Gaga surprises fans with a song collaboration with Blackpink

Lady Gaga surprises fans with a song collaboration with Blackpink

Lady Gaga hasn’t released her sixth album yet but it will all be worth the wait because there’s a song collaboration with Blackpink.

The singer-songwriter recently released via Twitter the track list of her upcoming album Chromatica. Fans were quick to spot one of the songs titled “Sour Candy” and it features none other than the hit K-Pop group Blackpink.

There were already rumors about the collaboration earlier this year. But now that it’s official and confirmed, fans all over the world are excited.

In fact, fans are already dubbing the song as the collaboration of the year even though it hasn’t released the soundtrack yet.

GagaPink domination

The girl group’s agency, YG Entertainment, also made the announcement of the upcoming feature of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa in Lady Gaga’s album.

And as expected, it made a lot of noise from the large fandom called BLINK. HelloKPop said that the partnership with Gaga is a milestone achievement in their careers.

But aside from that, it’s also another door of opportunity for the South Korean hitmakers to introduce their music genre to the Western audience.

Blackpink previously collaborated with British pop star Dua Lipa. Their song “Kiss and Makeup” was a successful piece embraced by a global audience. It’s most likely going to be the same with “Sour Candy.”

There are no hints yet as to what the song is all about. Fans can only presume that it’s a song composed based on their discographies. They will also just have to stay tuned for its official release.

Chromatica details

The “Poker Face” singer was supposed to drop the album last April 10. However, they had to postpone it due to the pandemic situation. Nothing to worry though because it will be coming this year.

“I will announce a new 2020 release date soon. This is such a hectic and scary time for all of us,” Gaga wrote on Twitter.

She said that it just didn’t feel right to release an album during this global crisis. Fortunately, not all is hidden in the dark. Few details about her album have been revealed including the hyped collaboration with Blackpink.

She is also going to release songs called “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande and “Sine From Above” with Elton John.

There is also a track titled “Alice” and it may be in reference to her beloved dog who passed away in 2013. All in all, there are 16 songs to look forward to from Lady Gaga.

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