Lakers’ JaVale McGee shows YouTube his ‘Life in the Bubble’

Lakers' JaVale McGee shows YouTube his Life in the Bubble

Los Angeles Lakers star JaVale McGee documents his activities inside the Orlando bubble before the restart begins. The National Basketball Association (NBA) season returns on July 30.

While other NBA players focus on practice before the restart, some players had the extra time to do something else. Damian Lillard recently just released his song this month and people are awaiting his collaboration with Shaquille O’Neal.

In the case, for big man JaVale McGee, he decided to document his NBA bubble journey on YouTube. Ever since he started, his vlog series entitled Life in the Bubble has already garnered over 3 million views.

A quick glance at JaVale’s bubble experience

JaVale McGee starts the first episode with his family dropping him off in the airport until he arrives at the Orlando bubble. Upon arrival, he documents everything from the bus trip all the way to the hotel.

He also gave the viewers a glimpse of their day-to-day routines up to a point where he shows the food that they’re eating and the constant testing that they need to get for the safety of everyone.

JaVale McGee also tells his viewers in the second episode of the vlog that he also has asthma. At this point, it looks like he has gotten the fans’ respect for pushing through playing despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Last 2018, he even told ESPN to stop bringing up about his asthma because it affected his value as a player. The reception of his vlogs has got a lot of attention on YouTube and fans are continuing to support him to do more of these.

Although people may think that JaVale McGee was the first NBA player to document his life inside the bubble, we found this NBA player who actually initiated the vlogging trend.

Other players joining the vlogging bandwagon

Before JaVale McGee, Philadelphia 76ers rookie Matisse Thybulle already started his own vlog series of his version of the basketball player’s life inside the bubble called Welcome to the Bubble. His pilot vlog episode premiered a day before JaVale’s vlog episode.

As of this writing, Thybulle got over 2 million views on his first three videos which is not bad for a rookie. At this rate, he might reach JaVale McGee’s views if he also continues to update his vlogs since he’s also the one editing his own videos.

In addition, Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons also posted a short vlog showing his highlights inside the NBA bubble for this month as well.

If both JaVale McGee and Matisse Thybulle continue their own vlog series, who knows it might even end up in a documentary. Fans are waiting for Matisse’s latest vlog as JaVale already posted his fourth vlog inside the NBA bubble to start the week.

It won’t be long until Netflix thinks about creating its own documentary series about players inside the NBA bubble since The Last Dance by Michael Jordan.

Featured image courtesy of JaVale McGee/YouTube Screenshot

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