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‘Last Man Standing’ season 9: Is the sitcom going to address COVID-19?


Last Man Standing has been renewed for season 9. A lot is expected to happen, but is the sitcom going to address the pandemic issue?

Fans are excited for Last Man Standing season 9. After ending the 21-episode season 8 last April 30, it finally got the green light for a whole new run.

Now fans are eager to find out what’s in store for the ninth season of Last Man Standing and when it will be premiering.

According to TV Series Finale, there is no word yet on the exact date of the upcoming season.

What is all known is that it’s slated to premiere on FOX sometime this 2020 to 2021. While waiting, fans can stream the previous episodes on Hulu.

What’s coming in season 9?

TV Guide reports that the writing and production for the ninth season have not started yet. Nonetheless, the team behind it is already thinking about how they can make the show relevant when it returns to the small screen.

As fans know, the sitcom is set on present-day America. This has left fans wondering if it’s also going to include in one of the episodes the current pandemic.

Several TV series have been asked of the same question. But while some showrunners have decided not to address COVID-19, it seems like Last Man Standing key people are thinking about it.

Tim Allen, who plays the main character Mike Baxter, told TV Guide that they “kind of have to” factor in the virus situation. Although he said that he is not sure how yet but “there’s a new normal” that needs to be addressed.

How can the pandemic effect factor in on the show?

Showrunner and executive producer Kevin Abbott have also spoken in a separate conversation about the matter.

He said that “the world has changed” and that everything they planned out “has gone out of the window.”

Considering how the pandemic has greatly affected both big and small businesses in the real world, the same thing could also happen in the show’s world.

Abbott says that they try to keep it as real as they can, which could mean that Mike Baxter’s sporting goods store chain could be affected as well.

“The virus would have impacted the [Last Man Standing] universe. I’m going to have to look at, what happened to pot shops? What was that experience like? I guarantee you Outdoor Man will be facing the repercussions of the economy,” Abbott said.

Moreover, he believes that Last Man Standing is going to help people heal in some way. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming season 9 of the sitcom.

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