Last presidential debate: Topics that made the stage

In heels for the last presidential debate on October 22, here are the topics that took the central stage for the 2020 elections.

The last presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden took place on Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee. The first debate was filled with interruption, name-calling, insults, dodging the topic, etc. But the last one witnessed a few fair exchanges of words.

Kristen Welker from NBC acted as the moderator for the debate. The debate had an additional feature to mute the microphones of the speakers while the opponents are speaking. The election commission added the move to maintain order, as well as help the moderator.

Over the 90 minutes of the debate, the candidates exchanged views, pointed, and called each other on their actions.

Comparison to Abraham Lincoln

Starting with the coronavirus pandemic, both the candidates had very different views and approach towards it. When asked about the need for more strict and prolonged lockdowns, Biden supported and agreed to it.

In contrast, Trump stated that the country has a massive economy, and to extend lockdowns means inviting a loss to the economy. He further said that the virus is going away and that people are learning to live with it.

Biden countered it by saying people are dying with it and are headed towards a dark winter.

Moving on, when questioned if they understand why black parents have “the talk” with their children about facing law enforcement, Trump avoided it but said he did more than any other president and compared himself to Abraham Lincoln.

Furthermore, he questioned Biden for his role in the 1994 crime bill. Biden did not give a straight answer but stated Trump is the most racist president in modern history.

Talks about climate change and children

The debate also proved to be a crucial movement to talk about climate change and fossil fuels. The former vice president said that he would transform the oil industry and make efforts towards green energy. This caused a rift, which was later cleared by the Bidens campaign, as they stated that only oil subsidies would be eliminated.

They also argued about increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour. Trump said that the decision should be left to states.

Biden also focused on the latest report that says nearly 545 children are separated from their families at the borders. He added that it makes the country a laughing stock and is against every notion of who they are.

Trump replied by saying that the children are looked after very well despite being away from families.

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