Latest Apple AirPods upgrades that put competition behind


The latest Apple AirPods Pro enhancements announced during WWDC 2020 make other wireless earphones in the market look bad.

One Forbes tech writer said that the Apple AirPods Pro almost stole the show during the WWDC 2020. The presentation of the new software upgrade on the wireless earphones took a huge chunk of time from the event. Similar to the iOS 14 rollout, the new features on the AirPods Pro aim to provide a seamless and enhanced experience for its users.

Below is the roundup of the announced and unannounced new features on the wireless earphones.

Spatial audio for an enhanced listening experience

The biggest update on the AirPods announced during WWDC 2020 was the spatial audio feature. This new advancement in software technology allows for an unlimited surround-sound experience. Unfortunately, the roll-out of spatial audio is limited to AirPods Pro owners.

Its internal parts can study the physical position of the user and adjust the surround sound setup accordingly.

Seamless switching from device to device

The AirPods are the easiest earphones to any Apple device. One pop of the earphones case automatically pairs them to the nearest Apple iPhone. The company is taking the experience to another level. Users can now conveniently shift the audio blasting in the earphones from device to device without user prompts.

For example, when a user is watching a series on his iPad and gets a call, the AirPods will automatically shift its audio source to the iPhone connected. As soon as the call ends, the AirPods will shift back to the iPad pairing. This new feature is perfect for multiscreen users when working.

AirPods listening preferences

The AirPods are smarter than ever. Users may now customize their hearing preference levels easily. The setup is quite simple. Users just have to go to the settings on their iPhones or iPads and choose from any three preset levels available. After this, the earphones will automatically increase or lower down the audio level based on the chosen option.

Enhanced battery charging

Short battery life will be a thing of the past for AirPods users. Apple is rolling out this fall a feature that will make charging smarter. Soon, the AirPods case will only charge up to 80%. That is until one hour before the user normally unplugs the case.

For example, when a user has a habit of charging the case overnight, the system will only charge the case up to 80%. If the same user wakes up every day at seven in the morning, the case will charge up to 100% at six in the morning so that overcharging is prevented.

Image from Mohd Syis Zulkipli/Shutterstock

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