Latest Batman/’Fortnite’ comics issue gives The Batman Who Laughs costume for free

Fortnite The Man Who Laughs teaser

Anyone getting the latest issue of the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation comics will get The Batman Who Laughs skin without spending additional penny.

The Batman Who Laughs, an alternative version of Batman from a different universe, is set to make an appearance later this week. As quirky as the name sounds, it’s a villainous rendition of the dark knight resulting from Bruce Wayne giving in to Joker’s perversive toxin. The figure bears the semblance of the said anti-hero more so than the caped crusader himself, given a mouth with a massive grin. But still The Batman Who Laughs is likely going to be this week’s battle royale star.

It’s coming

The corrupted Batman’s arrival had been forthcoming. Since more than a week ago, Epic Games announced the content that will come arising from the Batman/Fortnite collaboration. And in that announcement is indeed the coming of The Batman Who Laughs, complete with accessories to match the outfit.

True to the game’s fashion involving tie-ups, the upcoming content will come as a set. That is, with pickaxes, back bling, and bespoke loading screen to couple the overarching theme. More specifically, the Robin’s Perch back bling and the rather generically-labelled Dark Multiverse pickaxe and glider. This is not forgetting to mention about unique loading screen, which depicts The Batman Who Laughs at his menacing.

Although not everyone may be getting the comics for its unique, single-use code, they would not be completely missing out. By October 26, 2021, the same content will also become available at the in-game store.

Meanwhile, based on previous trailer, it seems that Batman’s place of origin, Gotham City, will play major role in Fortnite.

Comics scene

Speaking of the hero-turned-villain’s foray into Fortnite, it seems that an iconic in-game character will see its demise following the unfortunate encounter. No other than the game’s plantain figure with a bulbous head, Tomatohead, according to screenshots. But it comes with the error of attacking the malevolent villain first and be countered consequently. What it results to is the veggie-like figure’s head being smashed to smithereens.

Knowing Epic Games, the notion is hardly surprising nowadays, considering its own penchant for killing off its own-created personas. Last season saw the destruction of Peely, another prominent Fortnite character, after facing Ryu in a battle. But only for them to re-appear again by simply having been murdered within The Loop. As for Tomatohead’s case, the issue of permanent death remains hanging, as far as the location of demise is concerned.

Image used courtesy of Epic Games

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