Latest ‘Call of Duty 2020’ rumor hints Blackout’s return, conflicts ‘Warzone’ integration

Latest 'Call of Duty 2020' rumor hints Blackout's return, conflicts 'Warzone' integration

The latest set of rumors for Call of Duty 2020 now suggests the return of Blackout. However, this will coincide with the previous rumor about the supposed Warzone integration.

Micky News previously reported about the community’s chatter on the Call of Duty 2020 Battle Royale mode, which will allegedly be a Warzone integration.

The initial rumor came from a prominent leaker, with a history of providing correct inside information about the Call of Duty franchise in the past. Based on what was discussed last week, Activision’s next CoD title for 2020 will allegedly not have its BR mode, but will instead have an option that’ll redirect to Warzone. 

Conflict of rumors

Avid CoD followers strongly believe, based on what many reputable leakers have reported, that this year’s installment will be developed by Treyarch and will be titled as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. 

For those who don’t know yet, Call of Duty: Warzone is developed by Infinity Ward, and that is why it came to a bit of a surprise when leakers revealed that Warzone would be integrated to the Call of Duty 2020 for its Battle Royale mode.

As many may have observed, Warzone is becoming a great hit lately, which makes total sense as to why Activision would want to carry it to the next installment.

But, the latest news collides with this logic.

The return of Blackout to the Call of Duty franchise reportedly came from Jeff Grub, a noted writer from Venture Beat and, per Comicbooka “reputable industry insider who has proven reliable numerous times in the past.”

Grub sparked the rumor on Twitter by simply saying, “In other shocking news, Blackout is going to return in some form with Black Ops this year.”

Blackout is CoD‘s BR entry

Blackout is said to be the first-ever Battle Royale mode released on the Call of Duty franchise. It was released in October 2018 by Treyarch through Black Ops 4. 

Blackout gathered 100 players in a massive BR arena, similar to what players experience now in Call of Duty: Mobile for solo players.

It was the franchise’s entry when the Battle Royale gameplay was at its peak, following the success of PUBG and Fortnite. 

Like all the other rumors surrounding Activision’s famed game franchise, there’s no official confirmation or reason behind these alleged decisions for Call of Duty 2020, as the gaming giant continues to keep mum about any details as of the moment.

There have been theories that the two Battle Royale modes might be incorporated together. As always, readers are advised to take rumors and leaks with a grain of salt.


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