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If you’re a virtual gaming fan, then the possibilities are that you also enjoy playing Final Fantasy. If that’s true then you are in for a treat. Stay updated with the newest Final Fantasy XIV news, from what rewards you will be able to win at the Moonfire Faire, to why the creators should redesign previously revealed icons and also the latest new game changes that might affect the gameplay of idle players.

Keep reading to learn about all of this and what it means for you as a Final Fantasy XIV fan. You do not want to miss it!

Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire Rewards Revealed

Square Enix has finally revealed the new Moonfire Faire event which will be held in Final Fantasy XIV to start off the summer. The event requires you to have level 30 if you wish to participate. Plus, it’ll prompt you to pay Mayaru Moyaru in Limsa Lominsa’s Upper Decks a visit to start the quest.

The Moonfire Faire will begin on August 13 and end on August 26. You’ll be able to win awards like a polar bear mount, a Moonfire Mask Stall outdoor furnishing, Grilled Corn tabletop decorations, and a Costa Del Hielo (ice-cream).

It just so happens, the new Final Fantasy XIV, extension Endwalker, is going to be released November 23, 2021, for PC, PS4, and PS5. A benchmark has already been released for PC users, including the male Viera character creation.

Final Fantasy XIV’ Revamps Sage Icon

After Final Fantasy XIV revealed Sage’s icon, that they had to re design it after the first icon triggered players’ Trypophobia.

The Final Fantasy XIV team revealed that the design icon for the sage was changed after players communicated their unease with the first look. After seeing the icon, Naoki Yoshida, the producer, expressed that fans experienced Trypophobia, which is the fear of grouped little holes.

More info on the sage and also the reaper classes for the Endwalker expansion, were released on the official site, including the newest icons. As Yoshida disclosed in an update to fans, the icon designs weren’t viewed as a big reveal. However, numerous players reacted negatively to the four little holes bunched together on their original draft. The severity of the response depends on the individual; however, enough players were profoundly bothered by the icon that the team chose to alter before the most recent extension launches.

Yoshida expressed gratitude toward players for their contribution to the design, recognizing the importance of a redesign thanks to the range of conceivable negative responses players experiencing Trypophobia could handle. It had been particularly pivotal for the team to roll out the improvement due to the noticeable quality of the icon in-game and also on the official FFXIV merchandise. Class icons are apparent all throughout menus and at parties.

Sage’s new icon doesn’t have most of the holes from the cluster of pillars while keeping quite a little bit of their original idea. Yoshida explained that the design concept remains unchanged, based on the four nouliths that form the sage’s armament. The holes in the first design were included for detail, yet they wound up appearing as a cluster. Some fans might favor the first design. However, the creators ask for everyone’s understanding as we head into Endwalker.

New Final Fantasy XIV Update Will Kick Idle Players Out

Players who are off their keyboard for 30 minutes are kicked out from Square Enix’s MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV is, what we call, suffering from success. a brand new explosion of active users has been driving up the queue times and flooding the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit with continuous threads griping about those queue times. Square Enix is trying to cater to the issue; however, in the meantime, the most recent patch is going to be ready to log out players who are inactive for half-hour.

To the most seasoned MMO players, this looks like a smart reaction. People who are away from the keyboard (AFK) for a lengthy time-frame are, by definition, not playing the game and, in this manner, sucking away necessary bandwidth from players who are needing to experience all that Final Fantasy XIV has got to bring to the table. That said, similarly, as the seasoned MMO players experiencing the game for the first time are starting to find that, Final Fantasy XIV is made differently. Also, kicking out inactive players, irrespective of how sensible it is, actually denies players, active participants, and AFK-ers the same fundamental Final fantasy XIV encounters.

Allow me to start by saying that, of course, eliminating inactive players after an extended enough time frame is okay. It’s more vital to some that players can always gain access to the game as effectively as possible. Now that we’ve cleared that up, some portion of what makes Final Fantasy XIV such a groundbreaking MMO is that there’s quite a lot that one can do and encounter by, in a very real sense sitting idle and doing nothing. So I’m not entirely convinced that kicking players out could be a good idea by the creators of Final Fantasy XIV.

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