Latest Google Pixel 4a rumors might just steal thunder back from Apple

Latest Google Pixel 4a rumors might just steal thunder back from Apple

The waves of rumors continue as Google is still keen on keeping mum about any updates on its next Pixel series entry. However, recent leaks show that Google Pixel 4a might just be able to nab its thunder back from Apple.

Previously, Micky News reported that due to Google’s decision to further delay the launch of Google Pixel 4a, it paved the way for other mid-range smartphones to shine in 2020. More specifically, the delay highlighted Apple’s mid-range re-entry, the revamped iPhone SE.

As many tech enthusiasts have noted, Apple’s iPhone SE 2020 turned out to be a strong competition within the mid-range category, threatening the hold of Google’s Pixel series on the top rank.

Nevertheless, the recent rumors circulating online might just change the consumers’ perspective and wait further for the Pixel 4a’s imminent release.

Smartphone case maker reveals a Pixel 4a’s added feature

According to Livemint, ESR, a smartphone case maker, listed a cover for the Google Pixel 4a, mentioning one particular feature, which is wireless charging.

Those who are following the Pixel 4a rumors, the lack of wireless charging or qi charging, is one of its drawbacks.

This said listing has “high definition images of the Pixel 4a,” showcasing ESR’s clear bumper case and sporting the previously rumored punch-hole front camera—making the leak somehow believable.

The supposed Pixel 4a rendered image promotes ESR’s “Metal Kickstand Phone Case” for Google’s Pixel 4a, advertising the capability of the phone to be charged on the case maker’s wireless pad.

Unfortunately, Android Central has debunked this wireless charging rumor. As the media outlet emphasized, “these sort of product images for cases are often copied and pasted from other devices and aren’t always representative of actual device features.”

The likelihood of Google Pixel 4a sporting a qi charging feature is said to be low, considering that it is anticipated to be the “cheapest phone of the year.” As the former publication notes that Google’s next Pixel Series entry might offer its 64GB variant at US$299 [AU$432].

However, other tech publications do not fully close the door on the possible idea of a wireless charging capability, so that’s one feature we’ll look out for on Google’s official announcement.

Will the Pixel 4a steal back its thunder?

Tom’s Guide has recently highlighted that “Google Pixel 4a may be so good at $349 that it could make the iPhone 12 look overpriced.”

Google’s anticipated smartphone entry is said to feature a 5.8-inch OLED display, which will be wider compared to iPhone 12’s 5.4-inch panel.

Overall,  the Pixel 4a has a standing chance to take its thunder back, most especially that it is now being compared to Apple’s upcoming flagship phone, instead of its mid-range competition—the iPhone SE.


Image 1 courtesy of TT Technology/YouTube Screenshot

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