Latest hero bans for ‘Overwatch’

The hero bans in Overwatch is great as it shakes up the meta for the shooter weekly, and we’ve got a whole new wave of bans in the Competitive scene and casual scene once again. With the latest bans, it seems like hitscan heroes are off for a week again.

As per the weekly rotation, the bans will once again include two damage heroes and one for both support and tanks. Last week’s bans saw the removal of Tracer, Echo, Moira, and Orisa from the competitive pool.

This week, it seems like players will have to be less cautious as two hitscan heroes will be off of the game. For damage, players won’t be facing off with sniper Widowmaker and semi-sniper McCree in the game. As for long-range heroes, players will have to rely on Hanzo and Ashe for the meantime.

For the tank role, it will be Wrecking Ball that’s going to take the place of Orisa. As for support, Mercy will be leaving the competitive scene in exchange for Moira.

McCree and Widowmaker off the game for the third time this year

McCree and Widowmaker are the two most banned heroes in the game. In fact, the duo has been banned for a total three times this year. If Blizzard allows the banning of a hero for two weeks in a row, McCree could be off the game for more than what we have now.

One of the reasons why these two are banned is because of their ability to easily pick off enemies from afar. Even in the Overwatch League, pros are struggling with expert Widowmaker and McCree players. At least they’ll be given a sigh of relief while these two heroes take a week-long break.

Echo is back once again

Not surprisingly, Echo got banned the week immediately after she was released in the game. As one of the most versatile heroes in the game, players have been frustrated with Echo as she can easily turn the tide of the battle if she’s able to copy the right enemy hero.

Players have commented that Echo is a bit overpowered in her state. Her ultimate, Duplicate, allows her to be an exact replica of an enemy hero. In that state, she’s able to regenerate her ultimate faster, thus making multiple Graviton Surge, Shatterstrike, and Deathblossoms possible.

Since uniting the hero pool for both the Overwatch League and the casual part of the game, players have been strictly watching the hero pools. This is an opportunity for regular gamers to learn new tactics from the pros as they are now playing on the same roster.


Image used courtesy of Blizzard

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