Latest ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ update (1.04) offers major stability fixes

Horizon Zero Dawn trailer snapshot

Following a rocky release which sees the game plagued with technical issues leading to poor optimizations, many glitches, and crashes, Guerilla Games has been frequent in delivering updates to Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on PC. Its latest update—version 1.04—addresses problems left off by version 1.03 that add more stability to the game.

Guerilla Games is truly hard at work at optimizing Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. With a laundry list of issues that cause diverse issues to different players, the game is hardly quintessential of a perfect port.

The Updates, So Far

Version 1.01 laid out the groundwork of polishes that otherwise hamper the game from working at its most stable. But even with the developer’s best attempts at fixing many of the game’s flaws cannot be completed in one go. Which, thus, leaves to both version 1.02 and 1.03 patches, respectively.

Version 1.02 irons out the kinks left off by 1.01, which, to say the least, have been plenty and meaningful. Version 1.03, while not in the same magnitude as the previous, also makes for some needed polish to the game.

Addressing Crashing Issues

As if those three attempts at optimizing the game were not enough, the latest update offers perhaps the longest number of fixes to the game. Most of which targeted at resolving the issues that cause the game to crash to some players.

For instance, some players who were thinking of enjoying the game on older versions could anticipate the game to crash at startup. Which can be a very demoralizing experience for anybody. As it appears, a temporary folder is causing this glitch and which the update fixed.

Another instance would be when players are tinkering with the setting’s sliders after accidentally backing out from it.

Others involve AI-related consequences that individually cause the game to crash when they arise.

Performance Enhancements

Aside from fixing the troubling issues that cause the game to break, the update also sees a performance boost, too. Which, as per the update’s changelog, should provide an enhancement of 1 to 10 percent to both GPU and CPU. However, how remarkable the improvements in this technical department would vary significantly to the hardware.

Other general improvements include proper HDR visualizations, mouse controls, aiming, cutscenes, adaptive performance, volumetrics, and visibility. All of which significantly giving adequate addressing to most of the game’s glaring issues on older versions.

While Guerilla Games has done a pretty good job at resolving many of the game’s troubles, it’s far from perfect. As it appears, the game still remains littered with issues that are waiting to be fixed, based on individual user reports.

For more information on the changes in the version 1.04 update, check out this page.

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