Latest ‘Last of Us 2’ launch trailer features a vengeful Ellie

The Last of Us 2 trailer has just been released. The trailer was short and thrilling.

After seven long years, the wait is finally over for The Last of Us enthusiasts. This prompted Sony to release a new Last of Us 2 launch trailer. 

Revenge and hatred

The Last of Us 2 launch trailer shows Ellie’s quest to get revenge in a world full of zombies and people who are desperate to survive.

However, the trailer is so short that fans still have no clue on what drives the protagonist to commit these brutal actions. The launch trailer is also full of hate, brutality, and violence. It is similar to the first promotional material that was previously released.

The theme and scope of the sequel are reported to be far wider than the original. It will feature how the world has evolved. It will follow the events that happened five years ago in the first game.

Ellie is brutal

Players will now be able to fully control Ellie, who is now a young woman trying to live a normal life. Players will guide her through the game for her to get her revenge. Her determination to get revenge was driven by the fact that she witnessed the brutality with her own eyes.

The extremely anticipated and controversial sequel will be Naughty Dog and Sony’s final collaboration for the PlayStation 4. However, players will also get to play The Last of Us Part 2 on PlayStation 5.

Only a week before the game’s release on June 19, PlayStation revealed another short Last of Us 2 launch trailer. The new trailer compresses the game’s aggression, intense emotions, and main characters into one powerful commercial.

What’s in the trailer

Showing a heartbreaking scene between Joel and Ellie, the trailer shifts to a bloodthirsty Ellie, filled with an intense red glow. Her voice eerily rings out across the 20-second launch trailer, saying that she will find everyone who has hurt the ones she loved.

The new Last of Us 2 launch trailer didn’t provide any new information. However, Sony and Naughty Dog released enough promotional materials to ensure that all of their fans remain hyped until The Last of Us 2 is released.

The game is Naughty Dog’s third title to be developed and released on the PlayStation 4. The Last of Us 2 is directed by Neil Druckmann, who is also the vice president of Naughty Dog.

Featured image courtesy of PlayStation/Youtube Screenshot



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