Latest leak reveals new MacBook Pro is coming along

A recent leak from the Korean safety certification agency hints at the possibility that the new Apple MacBook Pro is coming along.

The recent leak reinforces a couple of other leaks that point to the existence of the MacBook Pro. Most recently, a leak from Danish and Chinese certification agencies also hinted at the laptop. The recent leak from Safety Korea revealed a listing for a battery with an Apple model number A2389.

Apple has always kept its development strategies a secret. However, tech insiders can also find ways to gather information about the tech giant’s latest projects. The recent leak from South Korea is different from the two previous ones, and that the filing has a photograph.

What the leaks suggest

It did not take long for eagle-eyed tech experts to guess that it is indeed that Apple MacBook Pro. The leaked image shows the battery configuration of the upcoming laptop. However, some insiders have speculated that it is for the MacBook Air, and not for the Pro variant.

It is still unclear whether the battery is for the Air or the Pro model. Some have pointed out the battery has been redesigned since it was subjected to a new safety check. Nevertheless, the most important thing for fans is that it confirms the existence of a new MacBook.

Just like the Chinese and Danish leaks, the battery in the latest leak has a 4,380mAh capacity. The possible redesign suggests that it is for the upcoming refresh version of the MacBook Air.

A significant shift

Apple recently confirmed that it is cutting ties with Intel as its main processor provider. Instead, the tech giant is going to use its in-house developed processors. Many in the tech community believe that the leaked battery will power that new MacBook.

The shift to ARM-based processors is a significant decision for Apple. As a leader in innovation, Apple essentially shifted the laptop market towards ARM-based processors. It will only be a matter of time until major players like Microsoft will also join the fray.

Unlike previous Intel processors, ARM-based processors are extremely power-efficient. These are the same processors that power almost all smartphone and tablet devices. While there are some compute limitations, Apple should be able to optimize it in time for the official release.

It appears that more leaks are legitimizing the existence of the Apple MacBook Pro. This is a great development both for Apple and the tech community.

Image courtesy of mama_mia/Shutterstock

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