Latest Nintendo Switch Pro rumor denies notion of support for 4K resolution

Nintendo Switch Pro video talk snapshot

As the momentum builds up towards the official statement to the Nintendo Switch Pro, more rumors keep on coming. The latest of which, if true, could be a major bummer to those expecting more on the latest hardware rendition.

The end of last month was met with great anticipation when talks about Nintendo finally spilling the beans have become the trend. Like many in the industry, the Japanese company likes surprises and would do anything in its power to conceal secrets. That expectation, however, was met with great disappointment when no word came from the company itself.

But the buzz surrounding an updated Switch model remains ongoing as even more speculations appear from potentially credible sources. One of the latest words about the tentatively named Switch Pro is that of its display resolution, both in docked and handheld mode.

Updated Specs

As per Wccftech, the hybrid console will actually run on 1440p and 720p in docked and handheld mode, respectively. If genuine, this will significantly contrast and dispel previous belief that the Pro will be capable of a 4K display. To run at 4K display at a smooth frame would require a lot of processing power. Doing so could also put the console at the same tier as its competitors. The notion of which has not been too real for Nintendo for some generations since the Nintendo Wii.

Speaking of buttery-smooth frames, another rumor also points out to the latest model’s 120 FPS. To a more surprising note is the fact that such capability happens during handheld mode. But how such capacity will fare with the console’s battery, however, is a different discussion altogether. Although, one can bet this is something that Nintendo will pay special attention to.

Lastly, there is also the talk about support for Nvidia’s DLSS. Which, put in simple terms, is a technology that will enable better visuals in a smaller screen than otherwise possible. In addition to providing amazing graphics, DLSS is also responsible for the efficient performance as they appear on screen. This means that it plays a pivotal role in making the console hybrid churn out beautiful imagery seamlessly.

Bucketful of Salt

While none of this must be construed as real, it’s worth noting that there’s always a speck of truth in some rumors. But as has always been the suggestion, take the hearsay themselves with a bucket of salt until official announcements.

Image used courtesy of Zslayer Dre/YouTube Screenshot

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