Latest ‘Persona 5 Royal’ digging shows presumed dead character alive

Persona 5 Royal Akechi Goro deleted cutscene

Twitter user and prolific dataminer Pan-hime is at her antic again. Despite having uncovered multiple hidden contents for Persona 5 Royal before, further digging showed a leftover substance that people know nothing about.

In this particular exploit, the hacker discovers a scene that indirectly displays the presence of one character that many presumed as dead. As usual, the information was gathered using a Chinese build of the game, which appears to hold more contents than it does show.

Guess Who’s Back?

Veteran players of the game should already decipher who this character is from the premise. To be more explicit, it involves a temporary party member and “part-villain,” Akechi or Crow. Who, through subsequent encounter and defeat by the Phantom Thieves, seemingly met his demise in Shido’s palace.

As it appears, the developers have planned to put a twist to the drama by making Akechi live past the experience.

The cut scene starts with a man and a woman discussing over a certain “man” who got into the facility. But one who, coming from the “man” himself, is set to leave in the coming month. The “man” here, being, Goro Akechi.

The event takes place in a rehabilitation center where Akechi visits as a kid. A place, seemingly outside of Tokyo, where individuals with trauma spend time for healing.

Throughout the discourse, we see how Akechi goes to the rehab with his mother, the latter of which the concern of the rehabilitation. Thus, giving him the familiarity of the place and a reason for being there, following the “trauma” of his defeat.

Contextual Cues

While the video did not overly show the figure himself, the text indicates his presence in the overall picture. Akechi is inside a room just beside the bathhouse where the conversation is taking place—but not taking the effort to show himself as an eventual participant of the word.

The scene itself is awkwardly presented, which started with Akechi protesting the discourse upon hearing it. Only for the talk to go on, as if neglecting the disapproval, and him joining it to the end.

The meat of the video boils down to the revelation that Akechi is indeed alive. However, instead of harboring grudges, Akechi finds the idea of getting tangled with the Phantom Thieves liberating. Thus, having the resolve to “payback” the good deed with something that the Phantom Group will thank him “for a lifetime.” That is if things go according to his plan.

Credit goes to Faz for uploading and sharing the cut scene with English subtitles.

Image used courtesy of Faz/YouTube Screenshot

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