Latest ‘Pokemon GO’ update reportedly could cause seizure among players

Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon trailer snapshot

The latest patch to Niantic’s beloved AR game Pokemon GO is, allegedly, causing some players to experience seizure. It is a serious medical condition that is often triggered by certain stimuli, especially flashing lights.

Both the Android and iOS versions of the game received an update last June 11. The rollout effectively brought the game to versions 0.211.0 and 1.177.0, respectively. While changes in both updates pose as welcome additions to the game, the alterations were not all positive. Not only did it some aspects more difficult deliberately, it also brought with it fun-breaking bugs.

Dissatisfied Fans

The most recent update is so buggy, in fact, that many are venting their frustrations over it. Particularly, by some of the avid fans at the Pokemon GO subreddit. Collectively, they view the glitches as overwhelmingly “annoying” that some of them chose to stop playing the game altogether. Even Dexerto’s Meg Bethany Koepp wrote an article about the update, highlighting it as the “worst update ever”. Seemingly, emphasizing and in agreement to a Redditor’s comment about the update under the context of known errors.

Newest PoGo update causes seizures from TheSilphRoad

But if a community of fans getting pissed by the game’s recent changes is not bad enough, another issue arose. This time, an issue about certain players complaining of encountering epilepsy after playing the game. Something which was blamed for the game’s sudden affair with flashing lights as reflected on players whenever they tap on a Pokemon. The issue is even made more apparent during times of dark when said flashes have more ostensive and intensive effects.

It is not just those who are directly affected that are seeing the cause of the issue, however. Even those who are seemingly insensible to the split-second lighting are noticing the concern’s existence. Subsequently, corroborating to what a peculiar group of people in the community are citing from the start.

Brings Back Bad Memory

Funnily enough, this is not the franchise’s first rodeo with something that causes its audiences to become ill. Back in December 1997, Pokemon has become notorious for airing one particular episode, “Dennō Senshi Porygon”. The show did not necessarily get the bad rap for its explicit contents per se. Which would indeed be a common reason why it’d become infamous. Rather, it was extra special for causing the hospitalization of around 685 children indirectly. All simply because of it using too many lights during its airing.

With the same thing happening again in Pokemon GO, it only shows that some things do repeat themselves, if not learned from. Even if unintentional, that is.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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