Latest Sony PS5 update lets you know the version of game at play

Sony has announced a new system update for the console as it can help all the players to know if they have installed the best version.

Sony PlayStation has fixed one of the most common problems that happen with their consoles. The cross-gen platform has fixed this issue as players have shown their concerns over platforms.

The new update by Sony works fine

The new update, which Sony ruled, helps the players know if they have installed the PlayStation 4 version of the game. It also lets the players understand if the PS5 version is available.

One Twitter user has spotted the feature that is shared by the company. The user aims to clarify that it was one of the most annoying features of Sony for a long time.

Because all of Sony‘s consoles offer backwards compatibility when it comes to PS4 games, some of the new cross-gen platform games such as Zelda and Assassin’s Creed faced the same issue while being released.

It is pretty easy for the users to install the older version of the game accidentally. Most of the players remain in the dark, knowing that there is no newer update of a game.

The new approach is simpler than before

Sony has taken a simpler approach to the situation. It is called a Smart Delivery System that will help the player to install the best version of the game.

The new system detects those games, which have the latest version available. Then the company prompts the player to install the said game.

While Sony’s method is not that helpful for every other player, it eventually lets the player know about the version of the game.

The new future will be a particular help in the unforeseen future as well.

Sony has commented that players need a proper way to know that the games they are playing are not outdated.

Under the current change, there is a great way for players to know what they are playing.

But there is a slight catch here. The option appears to show for the games that include the next-gen upgrades available.

Some of the games, such as Control: Ultimate Edition, Spider-Man, or Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, will remain separate downloads.

Players will get the latest version of the games stated. Sony has only channelized the new system for games that are old and has a rerun made easily.


Image courtesy of Djordje Novakov/Shutterstock

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