Latest ‘Valorant’ leak reveals animation, gameplay audio for upcoming agent

Valorant official website snapshot

The advent of the version 1.0.3 patch, which was released last July 7, has been a thriving source of information for dataminers that are eager in finding out what’s in store with the game.

Rumors concerning upcoming agents is nothing new in Valorant, which has been a case that predates its release. The list had been few, but one that repeats too often is one by the codename “Killjoy.” A name that has eventually become solid in the collective awareness of the community due to a recent leak.

Agent Killjoy

The long lines of codes are expectedly aimed at stabilizing and improving the game—as expected in all updates. However, there are new contents as well that seem to precede what has yet to come to the game.

Specifically, pointing to animation and gameplay audio that see no use in the current game. Thus, hinting strongly at what could be assets for an upcoming agent, possibly Killjoy.

Previously, an earlier leak displayed what could be telltale signs of an upcoming turret or flying drones as skill in-game. Which, by the looks of it, pertains to a character who is well into technology. A subject that many inevitably ties to the aforementioned yet to materialize agent.

While the potential application of such skills is intuitive, the developers could come up with something unique to spice some otherwise familiar combat abilities. Regardless, one can only imagine the level of dynamics of having an agent that’s capable of bringing the fight on both land and air.

Incomplete Animation

Making for a recent interest, however, is the unveiling of what could be an animation for the agent’s ultimate. Popular Valorant leaker, Valorant Express, showed how an originally a disembodied character animation would look like through incorporation with an existing asset. The asset being Phoenix.

In it shows the agent exerting physical effort, mostly the upper half of the body, seemingly building a force for an attack. There is no telling what the entirety of the ultimate is like with what is shown. However, it does shed a light on what could be a sight to a unique ultimate skill.

Futuristic Sounds

Then, there’s the 7-minute long audio that compiles a series of sounds that actual players of the game are yet to hear in-game. Despite the varying tones, there appears to be one thing that underpins them all. The agent has something futuristic in its arsenal.

There is no word yet as to a specific date of when another agent is coming in the game. However, with Act 2 nearing its advent, it won’t be long before we see a new fighter added in the roster.

Image used courtesy of Valorant

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