Lea Michele accused of making ‘Glee’ co-star’s life a ‘living hell’

Lea Michele accused of making 'Glee' co-star's life a 'living hell'

Lea Michele is on hot seat after several accusations of her being a difficult colleague surfaced. This follows after the American actress posted a #BlackLivesMatter tweet.

According to reports, Lea Michele received a shocking Twitter reply from former co-star Samantha Marie Ware.

The two worked together in season 6 of Glee in 2015. After Lea Michele posted a tweet related to the death of George Floyd, Ware replied to it, and it was public confrontation that everybody is now talking about.

The accusation

Over the weekend, the Rachel Berry actress tweeted a post: “George Floyd did not deserve this. This was not an isolated incident, and it must end. #BlackLivesMatter”.

It was meant to be a voice of alliance to the Black Lives Matter movement, which fights against violence and systemic racism towards black people.

However, it backfired when Ware, who played as the sassy Jane Hayward in Glee, replied to her post in all-caps.

She accused the Scream Queen actress of making her first television gig a “living hell.” She then went on to say that she will never forget what it was like working with her.

Moreover, the 28-year old black actress recalled the time of how Lea Michele told everyone that if she had the opportunity, she would “s**t” on her wig.

That was just one of the many other “traumatic microagressions” that she received from the Broadway actress, though. Ware’s time in Glee was a traumatic one that it even made her question her career in Hollywood.

Backup on the accusation

Ware’s public confrontation led other cast members of the musical comedy show to back up her claim. Central cast members like Alex Newell and Amber Riley chimed in on the issue through not-so-cryptic posts.

Newell, who played the character Unique Adams, replied to a fan who questioned the accusation.

He wrote: “Child we ain’t got not a damn thing to lie about 6 years later!”

Meanwhile, Riley, who played as Mercedes Jones, tweeted several GIFs of herself which seemed to imply that she knows something.

Drag queen William Belli also had something to say against Zandy Reich’s wife. He said that the actress treated him as “subhuman” that he left the set of the show.

It’s been said that he was supposed to appear in an episode back in 2012 but it ended up not happening. Even an extra actor got a bad experience from the controversial actress. He said that he was not allowed to sit at the table with her because he didn’t belong.

For the record, this isn’t the first for Lea Michele to be slammed with negative reviews of her workplace conduct.

Featured image courtesy of MusicofGlee/YouTube screenshot

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