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Lea Michele controversy continues as ‘Glee’ stars speak out


The controversy surrounding Glee actress Lea Michele has continued to develop as more revelations unfold.

Amid the crisis and unrest in the United States, Glee star Lea Michele has caught a huge backlash following her Black Lives Matter tweet. After voicing out her concerns over George Floyd’s death, she has received tons of accusations involving her being a racist and a “diva.”

More than a week has already passed since the controversy began. But, it seemingly appears that the debacle is “refusing to go away,” according to BuzzFeed.

How did the Lea Michele controversy start?

Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, several celebrities have broken their silence about the apparent injustices surrounding the unfortunate event. One of the celebrities is Lea Michele, who shared her stance about the issue on Twitter.

After pointing out that the event was not an “isolated incident” and urging that “it must end,” her former co-star, Samantha Ware called her out. She revealed that the actress made her life a “living hell” during their Glee days.

She went on to accuse Lea of “traumatic microaggressions,” which made her question her path in Hollywood. “I’ll never forget,” Samantha added. The response immediately caught the attention of many, including their former co-stars and other celebrities who worked with Lea Michele.

Other co-stars and celebrities have come forward

Several of their co-stars reportedly sided with Samantha Ware. Many of them also revealed their shocking experiences while working with Lea Michele. These celebrities reportedly worked with her on the set of Glee, The Mayor, Scream Queens, and event the Broadway show, Spring Awakening, as per Variety.

The majority of them accused Lea of bad behavior. Some even described her as a “nightmare.” But, while many stars have spoken out, several of their co-stars shared their support to Samantha Ware as they reportedly liked her response to Lea.

Lea did not discriminate

The celebrities’ revelations about Lea Michele have seemingly appeared to be an accusation that she is a racist. However, many of those who have spoken out about her character argued that the Glee actress is not racist. Nevertheless, this did not seemingly change the tone that she has repeatedly manifested bad behavior.

A source, who is reportedly a “former colleague” of Lea Michele, stated that “she did not discriminate,” according to Us Weekly. But, she was “completely self-obsessed.” Regardless of the skin color or the age, “it’s just kind of her world,” the source explained.

Amid the controversy, a brand partnership reportedly dropped Lea Michele. Later on, she released a “lengthy apology statement” on Instagram. But, despite the post, her co-stars have, reportedly, continued to slam her on social media platforms.

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