‘League of Legends’ developers buff jungle camps and nerf kiting

'League of Legends' developers buff jungle camps and nerf kiting

Riot Games rolls out the possible changes to expect for the next League of Legends season — and ranged junglers might be in trouble.

While League of Legends: Wild Rift tries to compete against Mobile Legends, we take a look at what’s going on with the upcoming Season 11 updates for the PC. Lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter revealed another update that could potentially change the landscape of some jungle champions.

As he mentions in the post, the new jungle camp update was aimed for newer players to have an easier learning curve for playing the jungle role.

However, people over Twitter did not like the fact that kiting was also nerfed in the process.

“Squishy” junglers in trouble with the kiting update

One jungler that comes to mind with this new update would be Karthus since he is known to be one of the easiest to kill in the early game with his low health.

Because of the movement speed buff, this will become a big problem for Karthus. Since he is a very mana dependent champion when it comes to his skills, using a normal attack to kill jungle creeps won’t be much help because of their buffed armor.

A Twitter user also mentioned that Evelyn would have a more challenging time clearing the jungle since she also relies on kiting to keep her alive.

Other unorthodox players may also get in trouble with this kiting update since some use ADC champions as a jungle. If they cannot utilize their skills correctly early game, they might have trouble clearing jungle camps.

Will these new updates create an imbalance for roamers?

It looks like the developers over at Riot Games are giving League of Legends another overhaul. Last week, they also announced that they would add some punishing penalties for mid-laners.

Since the developers observe that roaming is being overly abused in the game, this change would probably discipline the other players to stay in their lane during the early minutes.

With these recent updates from Riot Games, we shall see next season if this will eventually bring balance to League of Legends or will it create more chaos down the road.

Featured image courtesy of League of Legends

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