‘League of Legends’ micropatch buffs seven heroes into the meta

Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, League of Legends‘ gameplay designer head, shared a few of the changes made for the upcoming 10.12 update.

Akali and Senna ADC under-performance have caught the attention of the developers and are being buffed for version 10.12. In addition, a few League of Legends high flyers are also being targeted, which led to the decision to cut off their wings out of the meta.

Senna buff details

Developers have had a really difficult time balancing Senna since her launch. Now, they are giving her again another buff for her AD carry role.

The hero has received quite the spotlight for her role as support. However, a new strategy allowed Senna to debut as an ADC carry as well. It looks like Riot Games are planning to make her as a true marksman by improving her chance to get stacks when killing creeps and minions.

Akali buff details

Akali, another hard to balance hero is getting a much-needed buff for the next update. In version 10.7, Akali’s ultimate skill received significant cooldown reductions to try to provide her early game advantage.

However, she was still hard to use in the current patch with only a 44% win rate when playing in Platinum and above. She has one of the lowest win rates in League of Legends. As a result, the developers are trying to give her a boost in the next patch.

Volibear buff details

Despite being a god of thunder, Volibear is currently looking like a mere mortal in the game. However, Riot Games wants to change that.

To make up for the hero’s underwhelming revamp, Volibear’s Q and E skills are being buffed in the next patch. His Q skill, Thundering Smash, will receive a movement speed boost. On the other hand, his E skill, Sky Splitter, will have its additional bonus damage buffed.

These buffs for Volibear should boost his potential while ganking as well as his ability to fight as an offlaner.

Other hero adjustments

It seems the developers had given Fiddlesticks too much firepower. The last patch gave him bonus damages for his Bountiful Harvest and Terrify skills which helped him increase his win rate in ranked matches.

The next update should balance out all his skills and bring him back to normal. Brand mid, Viktor, and Xayah are also being buffed in the next patch. Yasuo fans will also be upset after the hero will receive nerfs in the League of Legends 10.12 update as well as Cassiopeia, Varus, and Trundle.

Featured image courtesy of ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides/Youtube Screenshot

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