‘League of Legends patch’ 10.16b nerfs popular Champions

'League of Legends patch' 10.16b nerfs popular Champions

The new League of Legends patch will roll out today, and it brings a lot of nerfs to some of the most popular Champions.

Most League of Legends patch comes with a balance of nerfs and improvements. However, this latest one brings quite a lot of nerfs rather than improvements. Moreover, the nerfs are targeted towards popular Champions, probably to moderate their influence on the field.

Massive nerfs for popular Champions

Among the top Champions to receive nerfs on the new patch are Caitlyn and Hecarim. The two Champions did receive quite a buff on the last patch, which turned them into popular picks. The new patch is expected to contain their effects and make them and the game more balanced.

First, the two Champions will see their movement speed greatly reduced. The Devastating Charge ability of Hecarim will also receive a nerf from the patch. Considering the nerfs, the two Champions are now relatively close to their previous stats.

Sona and Lux are also among those that will receive massive nerfs. The two Champions have been a popular pick since the last patch due to their impressive damage output.

With the new patch, both Sona and Lux will have their damage greatly reduced. As for Lux, the Champion’s shield ability will no longer block as much damage as before.

Perhaps the biggest nerf belongs to Qiyana. The Champion will see her Terrashape skill reduced by a massive 10%, and her Audacity skill max damage reduced to 180. With this nerfs, the developers are expecting the Champion’s pick and win rate to be severely reduced.

A handful of buffs

One of the few League of Legends Champions to receive a buff is Aatrox. The Champion will have its World Ender bonus damage ratio improved from 0.2/0.25/0.3 to 0.2/0.3/0.4. Despite the buff, Aatrox is not exactly a popular Champion considering its win and pick rate.

Additional buffs are also given to Gragas and Kai’Sa. Gragas will receive an armor improvement from 35 to 38. On the other hand, Kai’Sa will receive an attack damage growth of 1.7 to 2.0.

Varus and Xayah will also receive attack buffs from the new patch. Varus will have its attack speed growth improved from 3% to 4%. Xayah will have their attack damage growth from 2.9 to 3.5.

The new League of Legends patch is now online, and it is already available for download. All the changes in the patch can be accessed here.

Featured image courtesy of Clément Grandjean/Wikimedia Commons

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