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‘League of Legends’ players can get Volibear skin for free


Riot Games has decided to give away the new Volibear skin, Thousand-Pierced bear, to celebrate the hero’s most awaited revamp

League of Legends rarely gives its skins for free but this time is different. The developers are giving away the Thousand-Pierced Bear skin which will run for the next two weeks.

The free skin is for Volibear, the hero who just got revamped and has recently been re-released into the game. Volibear received better abilities, effects and visuals.

How to get the free skin

The free skin is given away free to all players who own Volibear before he was revamped. For players who like to have the free skin, all they have to do is to purchase the hero before the next update is launched.

The free Thousand-Pierced Bear skin was just released yesterday so players will have enough time to complete the requirements in getting it.

Re-logging is required for the skin to go into the inventory. Players who have been playing but haven’t received the skin have to logout and get back in the game again.

For players who haven’t availed Volibear but are interested in getting him, they will have until June 10 to buy Volibear and get his skin for free.

A trailer for the skin has been posted on social media. With it are the details on how to get the skin.

Limited-time giveaway

Players who want to avail of the skin at a later time will end up paying like they usually do. The skin will be back to its original 975 RP price once the promotion has ended.

The hero Volibear costs 4800 Blue Essences and is always available at the in-game store. It does not cost much compared to other heroes.

Players who have some spare Blue Essence are encouraged to buy Volibear to avail of the free skin.

Skin history

Before Volibear was revamped, the developers from Riot Games have stated that they are looking into several options on how to update the hero’s design.

One of these options was to turn him into a terrifying creature. However, League of Legend‘s developers decided not to go with it.

The lead producer of Volibear’s rework received news that some fans were disappointed because they didn’t go through with Volibear’s horrifying look.

To keep the fans happy, Riot Games released that look as a Volibear skin – the Thousand-Pierced Bear skin.

The developers explained that the idea of giving out free skins is not something they would regularly do for future heroes.

Players should take advantage of the free Volibear skin before it ends.

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