‘League of Legends’ puts back Nexus Blitz for a limited time

'League of Legends' puts back Nexus Blitz for a limited time

An update from League of Legends has been released over the weekend, which includes a map that some fans have been waiting for—the return of Nexus Blitz.

With patch 10.13 just released the other day, which focused on item and rune tweaks, as well as champion balance updates, it looks like League of Legends just dropped another update.

Riot Games has announced the return of this fast-paced game mode, which delivered its promise to resurrect this mode in a video segment called “Riot Pls” last April.

The first and only “experimental mode,” this will only run throughout the Summer Event. However, the developers are also finalizing some tweaks to the map, so they’ve decided to let players test Nexus Blitz mode through its extended Public Beta Environment (PBE).

Could this comeback spark interest in the League community?

This game mode has been on a hiatus as far as patch 8.24 is concerned, where most of the players got frustrated with the mode’s initial mechanics. Last year, Riot Games also released Nexus Blitz on its limited-time summer event, wherein they also mentioned that they wouldn’t make it a permanent game mode.

Now with 10.14 patch released, it looks like this action-packed game mode will attempt to win the hearts of newbie and veteran players alike and hopefully could generate some hype similar to what the Super Smash Bros. community has been receiving this week.

Nexus Blitz gets a huge cosmetic map rework and more

Over time, this game mode has received little reception with most of the player base. TFT, an auto chess game mode, has been getting more attention, according to statistics.

The map was one of the highlights that Riot Games mentioned as per the League of Legends dev blog. The new Nexus Blitz map will be permanently set in an Ionian forest.

In addition, more updates were elaborated in terms of game balance and more variety of random game events. If this isn’t enough to tickle the players’ curiosity, they could also check out this quick playthrough by YouTuber Remus.

In the video, he showed viewers what the tougher jungle system looked like, as well as the random events that popped out, such as the URF deathmatch on the 3-minute mark of the game session.

The URF deathmatch is wherein champions go face-to-face in a circle in a best-of-3 series. The team who wins the match would also receive a reward.

In addition, another random event popped out during the 7-minute mark of the game called Bardle Royale (Juggernaut) wherein players will fight for survival, and one of the teams will get an ability enhancement. Fans can keep tabs on the recent updates in the dev blog.

League of Legends enthusiasts might want to check this out while it’s still out and, hopefully, keep them engaged compared to two years ago. Maybe Riot Games could consider putting this game mode permanently once it gets the attention it deserves.

Featured image courtesy of League of Legends/Riot Games

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