‘League of Legends Wild Rift’: Dominating the game as a jungler

One of the best ways to win a match in League of Legends Wild Rift is to simply dominate the lanes early on in the game. Of all the lanes, it’s the jungle that poses a ton of challenges for the players of the game.

The jungler in League of Legends Wild Rift is one of the most essential roles on the team. A team with a jungler that’s behind on gold and XP will most likely lose the battle. Here’s how players can increase their win rate by dominating this tough role in the MOBA.

Pick the right hero and loadout

Not every hero is capable of staying in the jungle. For instance, mage heroes might have the damage to kill the buff creeps. However, they don’t have the durability to sustain the attacks. Some of the heroes who can stay on the lane include Lee Sin, Yasuo, Jax, Vi, and others more.

Most of the jungle-capable heroes are those who are Fighters. Before heading into battle, players should remember to equip the Smite spell so they can kill creeps quicker.

Roam all lanes

In League of Legends Wild Rift, junglers don’t have to necessarily stay inside the jungle throughout the course of the game. They’ll have to roam to the top, bottom, and mid lanes from the early to the middle phase of the map. Essentially, junglers will have to help their allies pick off the enemy heroes on their lanes to gain the advantage.

Beware of the enemy jungler

Ideally, junglers will need to explore the jungle on the enemy team’s side as well. They should focus on grabbing the buffs from the creeps so that the enemy jungler is denied of the benefits. Of course, the enemy jungler will try to do the same.

Junglers should know proper ward placement so that they wouldn’t be ambushed by the enemy team’s jungler. When needed, junglers will have to request backup from the nearby allies so that they can invade the jungle on the enemy’s side of the map. If the enemy’s jungler is pressured early on, they will have a hard time keeping up.

Of course, it takes practice to become an efficient jungler in League of Legends Wild RiftThere are many heroes that can serve as a great jungler in the game, but players really need to find one they are comfortable using. In time, they can win matches a lot more frequently.


Image used courtesy of League of Legends Wild Rift/YouTube

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