‘League of Legends Wild Rift’: Guide to dragons and their buffs

League of Legends Wild Rift is more than just about killing heroes and destroying the enemy’s Nexus. There are many foes to face on the map, but one that players should really work on beating are the dragons at the Dragon lane.

To gain the upper hand, League of Legends Wild Rift players will need to take in all of the buffs that they can. The best buffs in the game can be acquired from one of the eight dragons that spawn on the map. Here are the buffs that players can get from each type of dragon.

Mountain/Elder Mountain

The Mountain Dragon provides 6% of maximum health as a shield if players don’t take damage for a certain amount of time. The stronger Elder form grants 9% of maximum health as a shield. It’s a crucial buff that can help players last longer through team fights. It’s a must if there are many high damage enemies on the opposing team.

Cloud/Elder Cloud

The Cloud Dragon gives players a 7.5% bonus movement speed, which is doubled to 15% when the players are out of combat. On the other hand, the Elder form gives 11.25% bonus movement speed, which doubles to 22.50% when the players are off of combat. This is ideal for running from battle and when contesting towers.

Ocean/Elder Ocean

This is one of the most important buffs in League of Legends Wild Rift. Basically, the Ocean Dragon provides players with 8% physical and magic vamp. The Elder form gives players 12% of both vamps. In essence, this allows players to steal life when dealing any form of damage. It’s great for sustainability in fights.

Infernal/Elder Infernal

The Infernal Dragon gives players an 8% increase in damage while its Elder form gives 12. This significant damage boost will give players the upper hand in clashes, as well as during tower offensives.

Moreover, players will be granted the passive ability to burn enemies if they beat an Elder dragon. This damage is dealt over time whenever players are nearby enemy units. As such, it is a must for players to grab dragon buffs as soon as they can.

The dragons are crucial to winning the various phases of the game in League of Legends Wild RiftAs such, these special enemies are tougher to beat the most. It’s best to charge at these dragons with an ally or two in tow as it will be easier to take down the dragons by then.


Image used courtesy of Wild Rift/YouTube

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