‘League of Legends Wild Rift’: Guide to Rift Herald and Baron Nasher

League of Legends Wild Rift features a ton of monsters on the map, much like its PC counterpart. Of all the neutral creeps, the strongest are, of course, the Rift Herald and Baron Nasher, who can both turn the tides of battle.

It’s tough winning a match in League of Legends Wild Rift as there are a ton of mechanics to consider in the game. If players want a better shot at winning, then it’s a must that they should try and kills the Rift Herald and Baron Nasher. Here’s a short guide on this dangerous duo.

Rift Herald

The Rift Herald first appears a few minutes after the match has begun. While weaker than Baron Nasher, this monster can still take out players who are not equipped properly or are underleveled. Players should take on the Rift Herald at around level six. Usually, he is fought alone either by the Fighter or the jungler.

However, players may want to fight him with an ally so that the fight ends quicker. League of Legends Wild Rift players wouldn’t want to get this monster stolen from them.

Once beaten, the Rift Herald will drop the Eye of the Herald buff. Once used, the Rift Herald will appear on the side of the team, and it can take out turrets quickly. Ideally, players will want to charge along with the Rift Herald for a faster push.

Baron Nasher

At the latter parts of the match, Baron Nasher will appear in exchange for Rift Herald. Players will want to fight Baron Nasher as a team as he can do a ton of damage, and he has a ton of health as well. Like Rift Herald, Baron Nasher’s buff can be easily stolen by the enemy team so beating him quick is a must.

Once beaten, the entire team will receive the Hand Baron buff. This greatly enhances the minions charging the enemies. Most importantly, players will receive and Empowered Recall buff, which lessens the recall time from five seconds to 2 seconds. It’s a must for getting home to gear up after the fight.

Rift Herald and Baron Nasher are tough enemies to beat in the League of Legends Wild RIftHowever, the bonuses they offer are too tough to pass up on. Players will need to team up with their allies if they want to steal or to completely dominate these two giants.


Image used courtesy of League of Legends Wild Rift/YouTube

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