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‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’: Guide to the Open Beta for beginners


Not all Open Beta players may have background knowledge about League of Legends. Its mobile version, Wild Rift, is a bit different from its parent franchise and from other MOBAs.

The Regional Open Beta for League of Legends: Wild Rift has ultimately kicked off for selected regions. Of course, many expected players are avid LoL fans, Mobile Legends players (whether jumping ships or trying out something new), and those that are curious.

It has been repeatedly mentioned and highlighted that the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gameplay is not entirely similar to Wild Rift. So it is essential to know the basics of the game, so here are a few beginner’s guide tips.

Don’t skip the tutorials

Like all new games, League of Legends: Wild Rift comes with basic tutorials to get its new players started. Typically, many players disregard this knowing they’d learn along the way.

“Learning along the way” while in a PVP, most especially in Ranks, will definitely anger many others. It would comprise the team gameplay and strategy. In fact, there are quite a few players now that do this, having 10-0 deaths, which results in early surrender.

The game’s tutorial teaches new players the basics: how to lock on to an enemy and to switch aims from one enemy from another.

Two of the most important tutorials to do are the explanation of the Dragon lane, the Baron Nasher, and the Jungle Monster—including the Buffs. These are important because these are far different from Mobile Legend‘s Lord and Turtle.

Although, the role of the Monster buffs is somehow similar.

Nonetheless, completing the series of tutorials earns players a free Champion. It is very important to collect as many free Champions as players can, as early as now.

Complete Missions

Missions in Wild Rift right now are just the basics that need to be learned by every player. Completing one will award players of Blue Motes which can be used to buy Champions.

New players will encounter missions as simple as killing 10 minions or destroying three Turrets in total.

In fact, right now, players who graduate (or finish all missions) in Wild Rift Academy will be awarded a new Champion, a pose, and a skin.

Test out new Champions in Practice mode

Yes, everyone in Wild Rift is on a learning curve. However, not all might appreciate players who test out their new Champions in an actual PVP match. There’s always the Practice mode or Co-op vs. AI.

Know your Champion

Just like in Mobile Legends, Wild Rift has character roles. There’s always the Mage, Support, Tank, Fighter, Assassin, and Marksman. Sometimes, the Mage and Support can be one, or teams may prefer one instead of the other.

Knowing your Champion or hero is one of the essentials in any game. Every Champion has a role and learning to be an effective Tank, for instance, can make all the difference in a match.

After completing the mandated tutorial, the game offers a new Champion. Make sure to choose the right Champion that best preferred role. Marksman is an easy choice to go with, but it would always depend on the role players are comfortable with.

If players are undecided, Riot offers a quick quiz on how to find their best Champion.

Practicing and doing apt research will do the game great justice. With Wild Rift, there are tons of possibilities and opportunities, just like when Valorant started. Who knows, this might lead players to the path of the eSports arena.

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