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‘League of Legends Wild Rift’: What is the right way to lane


League of Legends Wild Rift is now out via public data for iOS and Android devices. Players are still adjusting to the new mobile setup for the MOBA, but one thing that remains similar is how laning works in Wild Rift.

The public test for the game is now live, and new players are still learning the ropes. Knowing where heroes need to go at the start of the match is one of the many keys to victory in League of Legends Wild Rift. Here’s a short guide on how laning works in the game.


The mid-lane is usually given to the mage of the team. This means characters like Ahri and Seraphine is she’s going support. The mid-laner is usually tasked with defending the first tower while pushing the opponent’s tower. It’s important toward properly as ambushes can come from both the top and bottom lane.

Baron lane

The Baron lane or the top lane is usually reserved for the fighters in the team. They are alone in the lane, facing off against the enemy team’s top lane. They are tasked with farming early on as top laners usually serve as the carriers of the team at the latter parts of the match.

Dragon lane

The dragon lane or the duo lane is for the marksman of the team, who is usually accompanied by either a support or a tank. The main goal is to push the towers quickly and then move upwards to support the mid-laner. Since marksmen are usually fragile, they need to be accompanied by someone else.


The jungle is a crucial role. For starters, their XP and gold will rely heavily on their ability to farm the neutral creeps and getting the buffs. They also have to be careful with the fact that they can be ambushed by the enemy’s jungler as well.

Aside from farming, the jungler will be tasked with visiting the bottom, mid, and top lanes to help out their allies. It’s one of the most active lanes to be in as junglers need to initiate ambushes and come in a back up.

Laning is one of the most important aspects of League of Legends Wild Rift. If players are able to master this along with map rotation, they can easily rise through the ranks in the game. Of course, there are many other things that players need to understand and master, as well.

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