‘League’s’ Uzi retires due to poor health, may return if health improves

Former champion and finalist Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao announced his retirement from the League of Legends pro scene as advised by his doctors.

League of Legends has thousands of fans across the world, and seeing one of the best players retire can be tough for everyone. Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao, one of the best ADC pros of all time, announced his retirement a few days ago.

Forced retirement

While this came to everyone as a surprise, Uzi has not been in the best condition physically. He reiterated that his condition is because of chronic damage. He also revealed that his decision to leave was affected by recurring injuries, which have become too painful to bear.

In 2012, Uzi began his successful career with Royal Never Give Up. His journey was an incredible one, as well as proof of his loyalty that he retired with the same organization. He will perhaps be remembered as an icon of loyalty in the League of Legends pro scene.

Depreciating health condition

Over his years as a League of Legends, Uzi accrued pain in multiple parts of his body, including his shoulders, legs, and arms. Playing for several hours took a toll on him, which prevented him from joining tournaments. His injuries forced him to go on frequent breaks from the League.

In an interview, Uzi revealed that he would play at least 10 hours per day. With his persistent medical conditions, he would find it difficult to practice physically and mentally.

A checkup revealed that he has type 2 diabetes, and his arms were similar to a 50-year-old man. His condition worsened because of continuous stress, irregular eating, obesity, and staying late at night.

Never give up

Uzi first thought of retiring in a 2015 bootcamp after feeling extreme shoulder pain. However, even after struggling with pain, he continued his career to win multiple local championships and even performed well in international tournaments.

After eight long years playing in the professional League of Legends scene, the ADC pro can no longer undergo frequent practice and skirmishes.

Uzi said he is officially retiring, but he will consider coming back if his health goes back to normal. But for now, Uzi can retire with the thought that he has left a huge impact on the League of Legends professional scene, including a skillset that has inspired a lot of fans.

Featured image courtesy of Dexerto/Youtube Screenshot

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