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Leak hints Apple might release two ARM-based MacBooks


Notable tech insider Ming Chi-Kuo suggests that tech giant Apple is preparing to release two ARM-based MacBooks this year.

Apple recently confirmed that it is parting ways with long-time processor provider Intel. This led many to believe that the tech giant is transitioning into the ARM architecture for its devices. One of the most popular speculations is that the tech giant is planning to release two MacBooks with ARM processors.

ARM processors are known for their power efficiency, which makes them the prime choice for smartphones and tablets. However, not a lot of laptops or netbooks are using it due to its limited compute performance. Apple is planning to break that trend with its own flagship MacBook running on an ARM processor.

The shift to ARM

The tech giant has officially confirmed that it is transitioning from Intel-based chips to its own ARM64 processors. The company has yet to reveal which devices will have these ARM processors. Nevertheless, the company has hinted about its plan to release a Mac that has an ARM processor this year.

According to Mr. Kuo, this device is a 13-inch MacBook Pro. The device is expected to be designed just like the current model, although with a different processor. The current 2020 MacBook Pro lineup still has Intel chips, and Apple might opt to release one with an ARM chip on it.

Mr. Kuo believes that the ARM-based MacBook will hit the market later this year. If the current timeline is delayed, the laptop will be released earlier in 2021.

What the future will be like

Using ARM processors have a lot of advantages. For one, these processors are extremely power efficient. This means that laptops and other devices can last longer compared to the ones that use desktop processors.

However, there are also several limitations to using ARM processors. These processors are not exactly as powerful as their desktop counterparts. Nevertheless, many tech experts believe that Apple may have found a way to greatly improve these processors.

One of the important things missing from Mr. Kuo’s reports is the lack of information about the iMac. Apple is scheduled to complete its transition to ARM processors in two years. Some rumors claim that ARM processors are just two underpowered to be used in an iMac.

Whatever Apple has in store is sure to be interesting. The transition to the ARM architecture is one of the biggest decisions the tech giant has made in years.

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