Leak suggests new AMD graphics cards may not be as powerful

Leak suggests new AMD graphics cards may not be as powerful

A recent leak reveals that the upcoming AMD graphics cards may not be as powerful as initially speculated by the community.

Many in the tech community have noted that the upcoming AMD graphics cards are powerful. The tech giant also did not waste time to market its hardware as such. However, a recent leak may have dented the high expectation the community gave the upcoming Big Navi series.

The leak

The leak first came out of Coroteks, and it reportedly comes from Asia, per Gamerant. The leak has some major reveals that had the tech community in shock. It claims that the upcoming Big Navi series of AMD graphics cards are significantly less powerful.

According to the leak, the upcoming graphics cards from AMD are more comparable to the current-generation Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti. Moreover, the leak adds that the graphics cards are less likely to compete with the upcoming RTX 3080 from Nvidia.

This is a huge revelation since AMD has built the hype over the upcoming cards as very powerful. If the leak is true, AMD’s upcoming series of hardware will be a generation behind that of Nvidia. To put it in perspective, the RTX 2080 Ti is already in the market for close to a year.

The leak also claims that these numbers are using titles that are “optimized for AMD graphics cards.” AMD has dubbed its upcoming Big Navi series as the “Nvidia Killer.” If the recent leak holds any truth to it, the opposite might be the case.

Huge computing difference

The leak said that the upcoming Big Navi graphics cards could stand up against the upcoming RTX 3080. However, Nvidia is also planning to release a more powerful version of the card with the Ti branding. Nvidia Ti graphics cards are usually more powerful and efficient compared to its base model.

The RTX 2080 Ti is currently the gold standard for performance for premium grade graphics cards. The upcoming AMD graphics cards aim to topple the current king in the market. Considering the recent leak, only time will deal if AMD can pull it off.

Another interesting piece of information that the leak pointed out is that AMD is planning to release two Big Navi hardware. There are also hints that a mid-range AMD graphics cards are also on its way to a 2021 release. The mid-range card is expected to challenge the Nvidia RTX 2060 once released.

Featured image courtesy of Zii Miller/Unsplash

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