Leaked ‘Battlefield 6’ images hinting at a possible trailer

A set of new leaked images are making rounds on the internet currently. And as per strong speculations, they are from the new Battlefield 6.

Moreover, what’s even more interesting is that the leaker who revealed the images also claims that a Battlefield 6 trailer might arrive soon!

Fans will indeed become excited now.

‘Battlefield 6’: What’s the status so far?

Trusted leaker Tom Henderson once again shared vital information on his Twitter account recently. And this time, he went a step further by posting several pictures.

Further, he claimed that the two images that he shared are definitely from the upcoming Battlefield 6.

Going by the track record of Tom, this new leak should be considered vital, as far as the next installment from DICE is concerned.

Speaking of the images themselves then the first one shows an aircraft descending on a sunny island. The second one is from a cockpit view. There’s a rocket set to launch off the island in a storm.

According to Henderson, the game will have dynamic weather in multiplayer mode. And also that it will spectacularly be in an “.”

Tom also believes that the two pictures might be from the first draft of a possible Battlefield 6 trailer.

“We’re not long away now.”

Initially, the images were not of very high quality. Thankfully, another Twitter user named Sian later came up with better versions.

A few weeks ago, EA announced that the next entry is now in the playtesting phase.

Several reports also indicate that it will also have a battle pass. And some parts will also be free-to-play.

A few months ago, there were speculations that the next installment will be revealed in May. Now, it will be interesting to watch out whether the rumors turn out to be true or not.

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New video games of 2021

Meanwhile, die-hard gamers are currently waiting for many other fresh releases as well. And because there will be so many to choose from, their excitement is justified, for sure!

When it comes to the most-awaited potential blockbusters, some are Resident Evil 8 and Far Cry 6.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Halo Infinite, STALKER 2, a new Call of Duty entry, and Horizon Forbidden West are also highly anticipated.

But that’s not it!

The colossal line-up extends further with the likes of Dying Light 2, Deathloop, Back 4 Blood, Stray, and Humankind.

New World, No More Heroes 3, Psychonauts 2, GhostWire: Tokyo, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Biomutant are other crucial launches.

Several recently announced projects making their debuts soon are The Day BeforeGlitchpunk, and Etched Memories. The latter will be an exciting game for the players because it will feature a Cat as the main protagonist, named Biscuit.


Image courtesy of INEGAVEL GAMER/YouTube Screenshot

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