Leaked controller photos further reveal Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console

Xbox Series S and X controller image

The internet was recently buzzed when a leaked image of what appears to be a next-gen Xbox controller showed online, almost mimicking the Xbox One controller with a few noticeable alterations. Now, more photos are showing up on the internet, corroborating the notion in addition to the belief of another next-gen console in the Xbox line-up to coincide the Series X—the Xbox Series S.

Originally reported at The Verge, a white Xbox controller appeared online. Which, at first glance, can easily be mistaken for an Xbox One controller due to similarities. Except that the controller has an extra button in the middle, and its D-pad is significantly different-looking.

Not a Revamped Xbox One Controller

While one may have the proclivity to think that it’s an updated version of the Xbox One controller, apparently it isn’t. Looking at the side of the packaging, there reveals the information that clarifies any misconception about the display. As it appears, the controller is indeed a controller for the Xbox Series, not just for “X,” but for “S” as well.

The leaked images came from Twitter user, Zak S, who appears to be among the first few to own an Xbox Series controller. However, now, more and more are seemingly showcasing their ownership of the same controller, too. One even citing a specific location where one can grab theirs in a social media post, pointing to Chicago.

The Likelihood of the “S” Model

The idea behind an “S” version in the Xbox Series is hardly surprising. The Xbox One has a similarly coded version (Xbox One S) being a source of information to pull from.

If Microsoft is setting a pattern, it is likely that the Series S will be a digital-only console similar to the One S. Specifications-wise, it is also inferable that it will be significantly inferior to the Series X, in terms of capability and running performance. With less functionality, however, the Xbox Series S is expectedly going to be a cheaper option than Series X.

A Telling Sign

One can even go as far back as 2019 to draw information as to the likely hint of the Series S’ potential existence. Xbox exec, Phil Spencer, subtly hinted a potential derivative to the Xbox Series X when he made this statement back in December.

“Obviously, in the name ‘Series X,’ it gives us freedom to do other things with that name so that we can create descriptors when we need to.”

Which, if anything, is likely a telltale sign that the Xbox Series is not just a single product.

Image used courtesy of GameXplain/YouTube Screenshot

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