Leaked files show ‘Call of Duty’ season 4 update coming this week

A dataminer relayed some leaked files. It revealed the possible release date of Call of Duty Season 4.

The update was delayed because of the ongoing protests in America. Moreover, a new Call of Duty Season 4 launch date and time seems to have been set this week.

Update delayed

The update and Battle Pass for Season 4 were supposed to be released last June 3, 2020. However, with massive protests in multiple parts of the United States and chaotic rallies following the murder of George Floyd, the developers decided not to roll out the update.

Based on the message posted last Monday, Infinity Ward and Activision told their fans that they are delaying the release of both Call of Duty Mobile season 7 and Call of Duty season 4.

Supporting the movement

Since the announcement of the postponement of season 4, the only update coming from the developers was a promise to be better at removing and banning racist content within the game.

Last Thursday, there was a support message at the start of every Call of Duty games showing their unending support for the movement. Unquestionably, Call of Duty’s developers has done everything they to aid the cause against the prevalent racial injustice that has been exposed the past week.

However, it seems that for this week, everything should go back to normal with the release of season 4.

Update coming this week

Last Saturday, Modern Warzone – a website dedicated to Modern Warfare and Warzone news, reported that dataminers discovered the exact release date and time for Call of Duty Season 4.

The claim was posted on Twitter by user @geekypastimes:

The post states that the update will be rolled out this Wednesday, June 10, at 4 PM ACT. However, Infinity Ward and Activision have not announced anything official yet since plans could still change.

Fans could expect to hear some news from the developers anytime this week, which will confirm when they will release the new season.

Season 4 roadmap

Assuming the new season will be launched on Wednesday, fans can also expect the official Season 4 roadmap by Tuesday. The Call of Duty Roadmap will expectedly confirm other Season 4 rumors such as Captain Price’s debut as a new Operator, new guns, and more.

Besides, the roadmap will also provide details to new maps, operator skins, vehicle skins, and other adjustments on the gameplay. Either way, Call of Duty Season 4 shouldn’t be a long wait from now.

Featured image courtesy of Inkslasher/Youtube Screenshot



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