Leaker brings in bad news for ‘Metroid’ fans among ‘Fortnite’ players

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 official trailer snapshot

In a word that will prove to be a disappointment to Metroid fans, Samus will not be making her grace into Fortnite.

Talks about the Metroid protagonist has been buzzing the internet following leaked documents suggesting her eventual debut in Epic’s shooter title. A topic of great interest, particularly among the fans in the community, the discourse was fueled with speculations, almost cementing the idea.

No Samus Still

Originally, anticipation over Samus Aran’s entry was at its peak prior to Season 5. This was at a time of brainstorming on what to expect, eventually revealing “bounty hunter” as an overarching theme. Subsequently, becoming apparent with the introduction of various skins based on Halo, Predator, The Mandalorian, etc. But Chapter 2 Season 5 came and gone without the female intergalactic bounty hunter in sight.

Dismayed, but not deterred, fans were still hopeful of Samus’ subsequent appearance. However, Chapter 2 Season 5’s motif in the primeval, only made someone futuristic even less likely to occur. Unless otherwise, a great paradox be in the picture, which did not necessarily happen.

Notions over Epic’s desire to bring in the iconic figure came to light in a form of documents during its legal battle with Apple. This alone was enough to raise many hopes that it’s only a matter of time for it to eventually materialize. Then, another familiar allusion appeared in the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic, showing an engraving that depicts a familiar character.

The Real Deal

But while all of those are indeed telling, latest information from a reputable source tells the contrary. It is true that Epic Games had the inclination to include Samus Aran in its roster of crossover characters. The company, however, had a failure in securing the rights to do so from Nintendo, according to the latest news on the matter.

As per Twitter user ShiinaBR, the information came from the same person who claimed a tie-up between the game and Rick & Morty. An idea which turned out to be factual through an official announcement. In addition, she also highlights the source as being the similar individual behind previous credible leaks surrounding Season 6.

The news turns out to be a major disappointment to those who have been given to the hype. But, then, it also comes unsurprising considering Nintendo’s notoriety in being overprotective of its IPs. Especially true if said collaboration in question will produce something that will appear in other platforms aside from its own.

Image used courtesy of Fortnite/YouTube Screenshot

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