Learn crypto trading strategies that work no matter what direction the market is going

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Crypto Trading Masterclass: Learn Simple Rules-based Trading Strategies to Make Consistent Trading Profits

World-renowned crypto trader Craig Cobb (AKA Trader Cobb) is taking his unique checklist-based trading style on the road with a series of live, in-person one and two day classes designed to teach you the ins and outs of smart cryptocurrency trading.

Craig Cobb, host of the popular podcast, The Trader Cobb Crypto Show, is well known for his methodical, unemotional approach to cryptocurrency trading.

Now, after years of being asked by his viewers and online education clients if he ever planned to do a classroom-based course, Craig is excited to be able to do just that.

“Sydney was the first live two day event we hosted and WOW! I could not have had more fun. The fact that everyone fully connected with all three checklist strategies was amazing.

“There was a lot of ‘aha’ moments and the live scans that we did during the course actually gave up some very profitable trades, during a time when Bitcoin wasn’t doing anything.

“I loved that the group was small enough whereby I was able to spend time with every single person in the room, share stories, help guide them and share my experience.

The team is extremely excited to visit the remaining cities throughout Aus, and then taking this classroom course to the rest of the world!”

Craig and his team of hand-picked, personally trained Mentors are hosting a series of live cryptocurrency trading classroom events that will boost your confidence as a trader and give you “the technical skill, structure, and mindset to make a consistent profit from trading the fast-moving cryptocurrency market.”

Learn Craig’s step-by-step strategic approach to crypto trading

Learn Craig’s step-by-step strategic approach to crypto trading

Prior to and following the event, every ticket option gains full unrestricted access for life to all of TraderCobbs trading courses online, enabling you to learn prior to the event, in the comfort of your own home and available time, as well as jump back in when needed for a refresher.

During the 2-day immersive cryptocurrency trading class, Craig will take you step-by-step through the trading process from how to start as a beginner, what trading time frames fit your schedule and finishing with how to run a trading business successfully.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people in your area who are learning and using the same trading style as you.

Craig’s no-nonsense approach to cryptocurrency trading will enable you to learn trading strategies that work, regardless of the direction of the market.

These are just some of the skills you will learn in his live crypto trading class in your city:

The Foundations of TradingCalculating Entry and Targets
Cryptocurrency Trading LingoIdentifying Support & Resistance
How to Read ChartsHow To Use A Stop Loss
How to Identify TrendsRecord Keeping & Analysis
Market Scanning TechniquesManaging an Active Trade
Risk ManagementUsing Multiple Time Frames
How to Write A Trading PlanThe Bitcoin Breakout Strategy
Mastering Price ActionThe Crypto Cradle Strategy
Understanding CandlesThe Fibonacci Booster Strategy
Moving Averages & MACDMuch, much more...
Essential Trading Indicators

By the end of Craig’s live cryptocurrency trading class, you will have a practical, more actionable understanding of crypto trading than you ever would have thought possible.

2019 crypto trading class schedule

To kick off his live cryptocurrency trading classroom tour, Craig will be conducting seven classes throughout Australia.

Sydney - July 27th & 28th
Adelaide - October 5th & 6th
Adelaide CBD
Brisbane - August 10th & 11th
Belise Apartment Hotel, Bowen Hills
Sydney - October 12th & 13th
Rydges World Square,
Sydney CBD
Melbourne - September 7th & 8th
Jasper Hotel, Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC
Perth - October 19th & 20th
Perth CBD
Hobart - September 21st & 22nd
Hobart CBD

Classroom sizes are limited to just 50 seats per city and classes are filling up quickly.

To attend one of Craig’s crypto trading classes in Australia click here to register.

Be sure to use promo code MICKY to receive a 10% discount.

Don’t live in Australia?

No worries! Additional live classroom events are being planned for the USA, UK, and several other countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Simply register here today for your city to be included in the Global Tour (the city with the highest number of people express interest will have TraderCobb visit them first and there is no cost or obligation to show your interest).

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