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Learn how to kick out villagers from your ‘Animal Crossing’ island


There is only a limited amount of villagers an island can hold. Unwanted guests can now be evicted on the new Animal Crossing game.

Animal Crossing New Horizons players will have to deal with adorable little creatures who will want to stay inside their islands. However, players will not have the privilege to choose who moves in.

Luckily, there are a few ways to evict these cute neighbors in Animal Crossing. Evicting current tenants to welcome better ones is inevitable if a player wants to improve their island.

Neglecting them

Not interacting with a villager will ultimately make a villager want to move out of the island. This means no talking, not taking quests from them and not asking what they are building.

One way to avoid accidentally talking with an unwanted villager is to enforce distancing by creating a fence outside their home. After ignoring them for some time, players will notice signs that they would want to leave. A contemplating expression and a thought bubble above their heads are signs that they are ready to leave.

Talk to everyone else

Most of the time, the villagers know a lot about what’s happening in the village. So, make sure to talk to everyone else except for the unwanted villager.

Doing this will let players know that someone in the village wants to leave and will serve as proof that the isolation process is successful.

Invite using Amiibo

This option will require players to have the max number of villagers living on their island. It will only be available when players already have the ability to sell land, built a campsite, and have visited Harv to unlock the amiibo feature.

Once a player has a full island of villagers, they can scan the amiibo card of their preferred character in the Nook Stop terminal. Players can also frequently check on the campsite but might end up waiting for a while. This is because there is no guarantee that a camper will always be inside the site.

Once a character is in the campsite, players should do their best to keep them happy. Players should talk to them a lot and make all the recipes they want to convince them to stay on the island.

Eventually, after convincing them to stay, the new character will notice that there is no room for another villager on the island. Players will then get a chance to choose which Animal Crossing villager they should say farewell to. The resident will then start packing to give way to the new villager.

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