Lebron James and his Lakers team settles in Orlando for the NBA restart

Lebron James, Lakers settling in Orlando just fine

Lebron James and his Lakers team are finding life inside the Orlando bubble strange yet liveable nonetheless.

The NBA restart will be a strangely familiar place for the majority of the NBA players. It will feel like any previous AAU experiences they’ve had. Only this time, they will be taken care of by the world’s happiest host, Mickey Mouse. The NBA and Disney have partnered up to give the best liveable experience for all NBA players for the next three months or so.

However, being physically enclosed in a single space for a prolonged period takes its toll. Players will be far from their families. In addition, they will live a routinary life inside the bubble, similar to the life of the main character in the ‘Truman Show.’ Some are fitting in nicely, but some will take time to learn how to live with their ‘new normal.’

Lebron James and his Lakers team

The Lakers were one of the last teams that moved in the Orlando bubble in time for the NBA restart. They will return with a restacked roster, albeit the unfortunate injury of Rajon Rondo as of late. Fortunately, they were able to sign dependable guards in Dion Waiters and J.R. Smith to fill in the void.

James, for the most part, is already missing his family. He believes that the quarantine period will be a cherished moment of his life. He said,

“It gave me an opportunity to be home and make up a lot of time that I’ve lost over the years… So, leaving Thursday, leaving my family, leaving my kids, leaving my wife was very challenging. Kind of emotional, at the same time. But they truly understood it.”

James doesn’t have to be sad as they have already punched their way in the Playoffs. By then, his family can already move in with him at Disney World.

Giannis Anteokounmpo can’t complain

The reigning MVP isn’t complaining about his life inside the bubble. He said,

“my apartment in Greece when I was younger, with my four brothers, was way smaller than the suite that I have in the hotel, so I’m just trying to enjoy the moment.”

This statement is big considering that it is coming from a huge NBA superstar. Other NBA players are complaining that they’re getting airplane food for their meals. Giannis doesn’t want to take part in that. He thinks that the restart is NBA history in the making. In addition, he believes that the championship this year will be the ‘toughest’ to win.

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