LeBron James considered leaving the NBA bubble

Lebron James considered leaving the NBA bubble many times

LeBron James admitted that he considered leaving the NBA bubble several times because he is already tired of the atmosphere inside.

The NBA bubble games started exactly a month ago, but the players have already been inside for more than 50 days. Considering that life inside the bubble is just basketball, it can get tiresome too.

As a result, several players have reportedly considered leaving the bubble. No one can blame them. As soon as they wake up, they immediately hit the conditioning room. After that, they go straight to the gym to practice or to play. When the games finish, they go home to their hotel room by themselves.

Doing this for almost 50 days can get tiring. Some have already left the bubble because they’ve been eliminated. Only eight teams are left, and the burden on them is heavier. LeBron James himself feels it too.

LeBron James wanted to leave the bubble

When the boycott happened, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers voted against the resumption of the games. However, even before it happened, he admitted that he wanted to leave the bubble. James said, pointing to the idea of fatigue,

“I’ve had numerous nights & days thinking about leaving. I think everyone has, including you (media) guys. There’s not 1 person who hasn’t (thought), ‘I’ve got to get the hell out of here.'”

They can’t be faulted for this. They have been away from their homes and families for a prolonged time. Some teams do go on a long road trip in stretched throughout the season. However, they have the idea that they are going home. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true in the bubble. For the eight teams that are in the bubble, they still have a long way to go.

Fortunately, families will now be allowed to move in the bubble.

Mental health issues haunting the players

Yes, the players get paid hefty amounts of money to play basketball, but what the fans normally forget is that they are human too. As such, they also get negatively affected by hate speech and comments. Paul George suffered through this and had a bad stretch of games because of it.

Danny Green also admitted feeling the same. Now that families and relatives will be allowed in the bubble, the players hope that they can have a new vent for their mental health. Instead of going back to an empty hotel room after games, they can now feel at home with their families waiting for them.


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