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Lee Joon Gi talks about marriage in ‘Allure’ Korea


Flower of Evil star Lee Joon Gi appeared in an interview with Allure Korea and shared his projects, fans’ reaction videos, and more!

The fashion magazine’s interviewer mentioned that Lee Joon Gi is still the same after ten years of knowing each other. He was always kind and passionate to everyone, and there is still no news about marriage.

Lee Joon Gi then replied that he has nothing to say about marriage. Many people asked him a lot about him getting married, and he as well thinks about it.

He continued that if ever he meets, someone meant to be with him, he would want to.

He was even thinking about it lately but maybe because he was filming a project that gave him the feeling of warmth of a family.

Lee Joon Gi on starring in the hit drama “Flower of Evil”

Lee Joon Gi shared that filming the drama Flower Of Evil was fun, and he even achieved his intended goal. It is always his goal to make significant and meaningful works that would convince viewers.

The interviewer also mentioned that they caught Lee Joon Gi’s character hanging off an apartment building in one scene. The actor then explained that they filmed the scene in three parts.

These are hanging off a building, filming inside and outdoor settings. He shared what made him comfortable is the director, actors, and staff’s teamwork throughout the show.

At first, when the actor received the offer to cast for the drama Flower of Evil, he was hesitant to do it because of the thought that it was difficult.

He thought of not conveying the character’s depth, and he has not experienced a family of his own.

When asked about what convinced him to take the role, he answered that the director is famous for being great at what he does.

He revealed that the director even had doubts about him at first. However, as he watched his former projects, he became sure about Lee Joon Gi.

Although the movie was complicated and unique, the director also said that it would leave something.

The next roles he wants to take-up

Lee Joon Gi shared the kind of role he is waiting for is a romantic melodrama and more warm and relaxed. Also, he wants a project that shows a beautiful love when he was still a bit younger.

He is also interested in a more ordinary character and thought of getting older and gaining experience; he has more aspiration for more natural things.

The actor was asked about his plans not to go on a reality show like Home Alone since he was not open about his private life.

He answered that he will become unnatural in front of a camera if ever on the show. The actor revealed that he received many offers about going to, but he thinks he’s not ready.

Lee Joon Gi preferred to appear on the talk show when asked between the Radio Star or Home Alone.

Image courtesy of Viu Singapore/YouTube Screenshot

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