Lee Joon Gi teamed up with Arena Homme Plus

Actor Lee Joon Gi participated in a stunning photoshoot and interview with Arena Homme Plus.

In the interview after the photo shoot, Lee Joon Gi talked about his drama Flower of Evil. The star also shared his passion for acting.

It is a serious situation for him if he will be doing the basics with his senses dulled. He thinks that it is necessary for everyone, not just artists, to ask themselves: “Am I as fierce as I was in the past?”

No stunt doubles

Lee Joon Gi talked about how he tried to avoid using stunt doubles. He performs action scenes, which is also considered acting. If he does the action scenes himself, the camera can get close to convey the message on how he fights.

There will be no need to have a wide shot or have the camera angled at the actor’s back.

Lee Joon Gi is 100% satisfied with his job. For him, acting is not standing alone and hypnotizing others. It is something that everyone needs to come together.

He added that all the crew members on set are the first viewers. He trusts them and makes himself open to possibilities.

Introvert to assertive person

The actor added that he likes people, and he needs people. He is always on himself when people surround him, as it helps him create the person he is. The people who criticize him also guides, awakens, and motivates him all the time.

Every time he goes out drinking with friends, his voice became hoarse because he prefers reading people than reading books.

Arena Homme Plus showed him a photo of him when he was a child. They knew Lee Joon Gi when he was still a child, which includes his traits and attitude. Joon Gi is described as an introvert and mostly quiet.

But him working as an actor, he became an assertive person. “It was both fate and blessing,” the actor added.

He gets lonely and bored when he is not meeting fans or acting. He loves to communicate a lot with the staff and fans to get rid of his loneliness.

Image courtesy of daegorr/YouTube Screenshot

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