Lee Seung Gi shared thoughts on jTBC’s ‘Sing Again’

Lee Seung Gi shared his thought about Sing Again judges, and he gives comments to the contestants.

On November 12, the new variety program of jTBC shared an interview with Lee Seung Gi, the show’s host.

The show facilitates a “rebooting” audition program that will give forgotten and unknown singers another chance to take the stage and show their skills to the public.

Lee Seung Gi immersed in different stories

Lee Seung Gi decided to appear in the show because he likes the show. During the filming, he found himself immersed in the different stories of the contestants. He cannot wait for the public to take some interest in the fantastic singers and their songs.

Although being an MC, the production asked him what it would be like he is a judge. He answered that his standard would be different.

Some questions areas if he wants to hear the person sing again, and auditions only have a short time deciding.


What goes up must come down

To help the contestants, Lee Seung Gi also shared about his struggles after his debut. After the massive success of Because You’re My Woman, he fell into a slump because of the newfound fame pressure.

It came to some point that he felt the limits of his talent and wondered if he could continue being a celebrity. The actor thinks that the higher success he reaches, the worse the slump becomes.

He continued that the period of happiness that someone experiences while making music is short.

They have to work themselves to the bone in the recording studio. Sometimes the artists agonize about how they will express the emotions of the song.

The contestant will be going through a hard time, but he hopes to experience a sweet and happy moment during the entire show.


Image courtesy of 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube Screenshot

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