Lee Si Young reveals how she achieved ripped body for Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’

Lee Si Young sat down for a video-call interview to talk about her action scenes in Sweet Home and how she achieved a ripped and toned body.

Lee Si Young is starring in the new talk-of-the-town Netflix series, Sweet Home. The actress plays the role of Seo Yi Kyung, who depicts a special force firefighter’s role.

Among the remaining survivors in the Green Home, she is a figure who throws and uses her body faster before anybody else to fight against monsters.

For Lee Si Young to correctly portray her character in the drama, she thoroughly managed her diet, weight-training, and practiced stunt actions.

The actress’s first-time role in Netflix original

The actress expressed her gratitude to be part of a significant production cost. She revealed that it was her first time film in an overpowering set and an environment with various cameras. “I was amazed and happy to be seeing them while filming,” she said.

As Lee Si Young’s character, Seo Yi Kyung, is not a part of the original story, she then discussed with the production team Seo Yi Kyung’s background as a special task force. At first, they thought of breaking away from a stereotypical female character.

The actress revealed that she played the character stronger because of her need for self-protection. In the drama, Seo Yi Kyung is in the early stages of pregnancy.

Lee Si Yung revealed that she thought about power and darkness as she acted the character. This is because Seo Yi Kyung is a character who lost her loving husband.

On preparing for action scenes and achieving a toned body

Lee Si Young revealed that she practiced a lot in an acting school as she prepared for the role; She took an extra month or two to practice.

The actress also shared that she was a bit burdened as it was her first time going into an action piece with revealing clothes.

For her muscles to be properly visible, she shared that her trainer told her only to have eight percent average body fat.

Lee Si Young said it wasn’t easy. She stopped eating two weeks before filming because she had to bulk up.

However, it turned out that her hard work had paid off. The actress also noted that the director’s role was also vital in her over-all performance.

She was thankful that the director caught her best angle and filmed it nicely.

Meanwhile, after Sweet Home‘s filming, she revealed that she still wants to do more actions. “This comes from my heart. I’m grateful that the opportunity was given to me,” she said.


Image courtesy of The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

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