Legendary game developer to release autobiography with ‘Sid Meier’s Memoir’ this year

'Sid Meier's Memoir' author himself, Sid Meier

Sid Meier, the legendary game developer behind games such as Civilization, Pirates, and Railway Tycoon is going to release an autobiography called ‘Sid Meier’s Memoir.’

Aside from active involvement in game creation, Meier’s also built companies in the game development space. Namely, the two long-standing companies, MicroProse and Firaxis Games. To date, these companies are notable for the Civilization and XCOM series.

A Book Long Time Coming

Essentially a veteran and an icon in the industry, Meier’s autobiography is a thing waiting to happen. Featuring a library of games made under the companies he built, the game developer is a master of the simulation genre.

While some may already be familiar in how Meier’s started MicroProse, this will remain a critical point of the book. That and all the way to the projects he had accomplished along the way. Up to the foundation of his second company, Firaxis, and its own undertakings. Possibly, with insights not yet covered previously.

The book, however, will not only deal with the life of Meier. For a popular figure who had been a subject of discussion, the idea alone might appear cliché. Instead, it will also provide valuable pieces of information on the topic. Ranging from the author’s point-of-view of the industry, the perceived gamer’s mentality, and the amusing goings-on behind game-creation.

Another noteworthy aspect in the book is how a computer hobbyist, Sid Meier, played a significant role in a ‘multi-billion dollar’ business. One that gives a very interesting look into the history of gaming back when it was still at its infancy. A story also not too new in the tech industry, as seen in other aspects of it.

A Valued Treasure

Hearing of veteran game developer’s memoir is nothing new in the industry. We have probably seen plenty throughout the years in either video or readable format. But to see a book-long revelation directly from the person is something of a rarity.

Just almost 7 years ago, Sid Meier has had an interview with PC Gamer where he talks briefly of his career. Most notable as well is his input regarding the Civilization series. At the time, a timely piece in light of Civilization V’s post-release.

Sid Meier’s Memoir is going to be available on September 8, 2020. Interested buyers may place an order at the book’s official website.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/IGN

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