Legendary Meloetta to make its debut in ‘Pokemon GO’ Fest 2021

Meloetta to appear in Pokemon GO during the GO Fest 2021

One of the Pokemon universe’s legendary, Meloetta, will be gracing its way with music in Pokemon GO during the GO Fest 2021 event. This announcement confirms what were previously just speculations about the Pokemon’s monumental appearance.

Pokemon GO is already in its fifth year in the market, which makes this year’s GO Fest be in that ordinal number as well. While celebrating its five-year streak alone is special, it’s not the only reason why GO Fest 2021 is extraordinary. To coincide with the event, this year also marks the franchise’s 25th year in the business. That’s two exceptional celebrations in a single year and both will essentially take place on the next celebratory occasion.

Music Theme

This year’s event will revolve around the music, which makes a “Melody Pokemon,” like Meloetta, fitting to star in it. Alone, this mythical Pokemon is significant. But this is more accentuated knowing the fact that it comes in two forms—Aria and Pirouette. But this presents an issue as to how said Pokemon will appear with variation. That is, considering how it switches between forms requires a peculiar skill. Particularly, the Relic Song skill, which should appear familiar to the fans of the franchise.

If Niantic’s reveal post is to go by, it seems likely that the former will make the appearance. Whether or not that is a mere placeholder, however, is uncertain. This meant that the opposite is also as true.

Knowing the mechanics of Pokemon GO, making that true to form would require some kind of a workaround. How that hack will come to be will be left to everyone’s imagination at this point, though less so to the developers.

Plausible Option

But if taking that extra step is not possible, another alternative would perhaps involve its appearance in two unique variations. This is generally feasible as it would only imply the creation of two diverse models for a similar Pokemon. Both of which, ultimately, would become accessible to players. Genuine collectors will particularly like this idea as it will essentially leave no room for a gap in their Pokedex.

Meanwhile, leading to the actual joyous event, a debate is ongoing as to what kind of music will emerge in it. Players will have a choice between pop and rock and will dictate what will play in the background during the occasion.

Pokemon GO Fest 2021 will take place on July 17 until July 18, 2021.

Image used courtesy of The Official Pokémon YouTube channel/YouTube Screenshot

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