‘Legends of Runeterra’ officially launches this week

TCGs or trading-card games are becoming popular as of late thanks to favorites like Hearthstone and Gwent. A new competitor comes into the fold, and that’s Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra.

Legends of Runterra is a TCG that’s based on the popular League of Legends. Fans of the massive online battle arena (MOBA) should be familiar with most of the cards in the game as they are based on characters, places, and lore from League of Legends.

The game has been in open beta for three months now, but it will officially launch later this week. More specifically, the game will launch fully on April 30. The game is playable on PC and mobile devices. Riot Games is expected to continuously support the game with the addition of new decks, much like how Blizzard supports Hearthstone.

New content added in recent update

Legends of Runeterra also received a patch last Tuesday, and the update brought a new set of cards and a region.

The new region is a pirate-themed area called Bilgewater. It comes with a keyword that fits the located perfectly which is ‘Deep.’ When the new keyword is used, players will get their deck buffed when they have fewer than 15 cards left. Other new keywords include Attune, Plunder, Scout, and Vulnerable.

The updated called the Rising Tides also added a total of 120+ new cards, 11 new champions, two new guardians, ten new emotes, and ten new card backs. Once the game releases, fans expect more large content updates like this for the game.

Launch times

The mobile version of the game is available on Android and iOS devices sometime this week. The developer notes that the mobile versions of the game are going to launch once the PC servers get updated with the 1.0 patch.

The developer also says that the mobile versions might launch differently depending on the regions, but the game will still launch within 48 hours from April. 28 to 30.

As early as now, players should pre-register for the game so that they can have it installed once it arrives. Early players will be getting free cards courtesy of Riot Games. Furthermore, those who played the beta of the game can get a reward for the first week of the game.

Aside from new cards, players will also get Expedition tokens. On the last day of the rewards, players will be given a new deck as well as two new Ashe cards.

Legends of Runeterra is shaping up to be one of the best TCGs out there. Its early success can be attributed to League of Legends. 


Image used courtesy of Riot Games/YouTube

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