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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 5 episode 10: Zari continues loom search


The search for the Loom of Fate continues in Legends of Tomorrow season 5 episode 10.

Legends of Tomorrow season 5 episode 10 will show the heroes resuming their search for the Loom of Fate. Much of the task will be placed on the shoulders of Constantine (played by Matt Ryan) and Zari (Tala Ashe).

In the episode, the search takes them to a 1910 boarding house. However, they get trapped in the building after realizing that the Encores are there as well.

Behrad meets tragic death

It will be hard to discuss Legends of Tomorrow season 5 episode 10 without talking about last week’s events. The show bid goodbye to Behrad (Shayan Sobhian) after Atropos pulled his “string” of life.

Behrad’s death earned mixed responses online as fans felt that the character was starting to belong on the ship. Over the past episodes, he has become a fan favorite on The CW series, according to reports.

The DC Comics character’s death jolted his sister Zari to action. She now has even more motivation to complete the pieces of the Loom of Fate. This is because she can bring Behrad back from the dead using the mystical object.

Sara battles Atropos

Earlier in the episode, Sara (Caity Lotz), Charlie (Nick Zano), and Constantine searched a wooded area for the loom. Coincidentally, it is the same forest that is always featured on fellow The CW show Supernatural. As someone who grew up watching the Arrowverse version of the show, Sara fangirled at the set in the area.

A recap for the previous episode also says that Atropos almost killed Constantine and Sara aboard the Waverider. They only survived after taking Charlie’s sister to the timestream and kicking them off the flight.

Meanwhile, Mick (Dominic Purcell) and Lita (Mina Sundwall) got to know each other a little better. They used a time machine together to visit moments in Lita’s life as a young girl. This is so that she will have some memories of her father growing up.

Sneak peek of Legends of Tomorrow season 5 episode 10

Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) feels something is off with Sara in Legends of Tomorrow season 5 episode 10. On the other hand, a few members of the crew go to Hell together.

After battling Atropos, Sara continues recuperating from her injuries. However, Charlie notices that she is not behaving like the normal Sara. It is starting to look like Atropos did something to Sara when they fought each other.

Ava, Mick, and Gary have a trip of their own as they travel to Hell. This leaves Charlie and Nate in charge of the Waverider, which could prove pivotal in the episode.

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