Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly ‘furious, humiliated’ over Julianne Hough’s criticism

Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly 'furious, humiliated' over Julianne Hough's criticism

Leonardo DiCaprio was reportedly not happy with Julianne Hough’s statement about his performance in the bedroom, a report says.

Leonardo DiCaprio was romantically linked to Julianne Hough in the past. But they never confirmed their romance. According to a tabloid, Hough’s comment about his sexual prowess reached the Titanic star and it left feeling humiliated.

Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly terrified with recent criticism 

National Enquirer claimed that Julianne Hough’s criticism about Leonardo DiCaprio not being good in bed shattered his ego. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star is also allegedly terrified that more negative reviews would be coming soon.

“Leo has sworn everyone he has ever slept with to secret about their sexcapades and he views these comments as the ultimate betrayal,” an unnamed source told the outlet.

Hough’s comment that got publicized through his niece reportedly left the actor “furious and humiliated.” At present, he has a very public love life with Camila Morrone and she is concerned that his other exes would speak up about their underwhelming encounters, the outlet noted.

DiCaprio and Morrone have been together for three years already. Some reportedly feel that she should speak and defend him. The report concluded with an insider claiming that DiCaprio “regrets he ever met” Hough.

DiCaprio’s alleged reaction questioned

Gossip Cop questioned the report because neither Leonardo DiCaprio nor Julianne Hough commented on the story. Thus, the rumor-debunking site was wondering how the so-called sources knew of DiCaprio’s reaction.

The outlet also noted that DiCaprio will not be shattered by one TikTok about his 2013 fling. Also, none came forward about his sexual prowess. Furthermore, he might be too busy vacationing in Malibu or mansion shopping to mind the rumors.

What really happened

Julianne Hough’s niece Star claimed in a now-deleted TikTok video that her aunt slept with Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the “Safe Haven” star was reportedly not satisfied by his performance in bed.

“My aunt has slept with Leonardo DiCaprio,” Star was quoted as saying by Page Six in the TikTok posted earlier this month. “Apparently, he’s not good in bed, though.”

Star called out the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor in response to a video challenge that called for relatives of famous celebrities to speak up. Star said she was not lying and encouraged the people saying, “You can look it up.”

Page Six was able to verify that Star is indeed Hough’s niece. They have several photos on her social media account. The Curve actress also acknowledged her in a 2016 post on Facebook where she was dancing during a ballet lesson.

Image used courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock 

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